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Welcome to Bruno Gauweiller, Grey Quills association writer.

Bruno is an older adult who has been a stalwart in the Oshawa-Whitby region for nearly 50 years. Yes, five decades.

He immigrated to Canada in the mid-1950’s as a child. Attended elementary and secondary school in Oshawa, where he demonstrated award-winning excellence in building design and construction. Eventually, he entered into the field of engineering-architecture, exporting his talents and expertise internationally with working sojourns in Hong Kong whereas an engineer he helped transition the Chinese company into becoming a manufacturer known as Curtainwall.

Back in Canada, his outgoing personality led him to become a charter member of the Oshawa Optimists Club where he eventually ascended to the offices of president and Lt. Governor of the club and a sister club in Brampton. While in these clubs, Bruno’s dynamic intellect began dabbling with writing and he eventually became editor of the Oshawa Optimists Club and Eastern Ontario District newsletters.

Besides his intellectual prowess, Bruno has a more down to earth, or we should say, down to the roadside. He was a founding member of the Durham Retreads XL motorcycle club and helped form the Ajax chapter of the Goldwing Road Riders Association, Durham Chapter.

Married, a father of a daughter and son, today he celebrates days as a grandfather. He and his wife, Darlene alternate days between energy sapping fun with their three grandchildren and slower but still very exciting days of riding on his Yamaha Royal Star. When they did their honeymoon by biking down to Florida and back through Tennessee and Niagara Falls, Darlene recognized that that side of Bruno was firmly entrenched in his biking butt. Today, though they ride less frequently than in earlier days, they both still get out for a breeze in the hair destressing that only motorcyclists know.

Ride on Bruno … and we welcome you to the website.

Watch for Bruno’s commentaries about life, life in Durham, life as a motorcycle enthusiast and life as a grandpa!

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