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I love Canada

I am an immigrant coming to Canada from Germany after WWII. I was two years old, an age at which  I could not appreciate how lucky I was to be coming to this country. I love and appreciate Canada more than I can really express in words and I am very proud and honoured to live in such a great country.


So many citizens in other countries throughout the world lack the freedoms many Canadians take for granted. I do not; I appreciate and am thankful for the freedoms we have here every day. I voice this at our kitchen table frequently. Yes, we have practical restrictions: money, issues of slander and practicality like distance, job availability and such.

But you can travel anywhere you want in Canada, without restrictions except practical ones: means of transportation, money to do so. You can sell your home or leave your apartment or condo on lease termination and move anywhere else you want to live in Canada, provided you have the financial means to do so. No laws restrict your movement, no customs, no traditions, no tribal restrictions, no caste system limitations. This is absolutely wonderful.









Freedom of opinion

In Canada, you can voice your opinion about anything freely and openly, subject only to liable laws which makes sense. You should not have the right to slander someone. However, if you dislike your government representative, you can say so freely and express why you do so. I have a family relative who is heatedly opposed to our current premier of the province because of her sexual orientation. The view may be terrible in Canada, it can be expressed with unbridled concern. What this family person says, I do not defend but I defend their right to say it. That’s Canada. I love this country for that freedom. I may think the mayor of Toronto is a total imbecile and more/less but I do not fear imprisonment for stating that opinion openly. Isn’t that incredibly wonderful.

jewmosqueReligious freedom

I am a Roman Catholic by religious denomination. I can practice my faith as I wish with no fear of any repercussions anywhere in Canada. It saddens me when I see mosques and synagogues desecrated with graffiti by some pea brained, small minded, juvenile jerk(s) who have(has) no knowledge, no appreciation of where they live and of the security and safety in here.

Our freedom is so incredibly limitless that we even permit citizens who promote cessation from the united country. Think about that for a moment. We tolerate citizens who promote the division of our nation. Can you believe it? Yet, as much as I disagree with that political group and am saddened by their political philosophy, again, I am proud and appreciative that they are able to voice that opinion and promote it in our country.

Canada does not persecute anyone for their beliefs. Want to train with a terrorist organization? Move to Calgary where they have terrorist training cells as we likely have in other parts of the country. Again, it saddens me that we have groups like that in Canada but Winston Churchill once said: “Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time.” He sure got that right and I live in a completely democratic country and love it.

I have been everywhere man

I have traveled Canada: from Tofino, BC to St. John’s, NL and I love every little town I visited from Dildo to Swift Current, from Wawa to Okotoks…I have been everywhere man, except I have not traveled north. I hate the cold and much of my exploring of Canada was done by motorcycle. Yellowknife and points north are on my bucket list. I will see the northern lights someday and because I live in Canada with all its freedoms, I am confident I will get there.

When I was in university, I wrote to the city’s newspaper about Polish jokes which were the rage at the time and people were reacting to them. At that time, I defended people’s freedom to voice such jokes. Now as I age, I am not so sure the defense is so tenable. I think more along the lines of “If someone is offended, hurt, slandered by what you say, even in joking, it may be time to re-think if it should be said at all.” Again, how fortunate we are that no ‘thought police’ are at our doors ready to incarcerate us for our thoughts. Yes, we have police and they enforce laws in order to keep us all safe and to regulate life for everyone. Not regulated in the sense of restricted, but in the sense of security assured and guaranteed freedom. Isn’t that a wonderful life to be able to live!


I love Canada because I can vote. I can vote for whomever I choose, regardless of appearance, of gender, of sexual preference, of capability, of racial origin. I can even work for Elections Canada, or Elections Ontario. Can you imagine, I can freely apply to work for the federal or provincial government elections body and be paid for it. Only in Canada?

gun controlSafety, security and more

I feel so lucky that I can walk down any street in any part of the city I live in, Toronto, at almost any time of day or night, and feel confident I will not be shot. I may not be able to make a blanket statement about that as I might have been able to do years ago, but that is the way of the world now. No country is completely safe any longer from people who want to have guns and use them. Thank goodness, our country still retains a lot of civility and desire to maintain a safe life style for its people. We have not gone the route of our southern neighbours who steadfastly defend the right of every citizen to carry firearms and are proud to obtain gun-toting government approved documentation to permit them to do so. Yup, and we watch how they use that protected right. Oh thank you Canada!

ear;ly canadaWhy we are as we are

I have no idea why we are as we are. It may be a factor of size. We are only 35 million people. Maybe when a country is that small, it does not have as many problems as a country ten times its size. Maybe it is a factor of our climate. Damn difficult to pull out a gun out quickly from a fur coat at temperatures lower than the commercially refrigerated lockers at Schneider’s or Canada Packers. And all the more for it. Maybe it is a factor of we are all new immigrants to the country and we are just feeling our way around as we settle in. Hey Quebec, are ya settled in yet ? I don’t care. We do not have groups who are planting bombs all over, suicidal or not. We just don’t do it and I thank everyone of you groups who had bomb planting forefathers in your homeland. Thank you for leaving that outlook behind and not bringing it to Canada. How can I make life better for you here?

We care

Did you read my last line above…that is typical Canada, written without forethought, written spontenaity. Canadians are helpers. Sunami in Asia, we send money. Earthquake in the Philippines, we send money. Earthquake in Haiti, we are there. We try! We want! We care! Canada works hard at assisting the needy in the world. We fight above our weight class. We do more than we many think we should. Yet we continue. As much as many of us might criticize our government leaders, they continue working, donating, offering help far beyond our weight class. Thank you Stephen Harper, thank you Katherine Wynne. I am proud of you and I am proud for what you do to make Canada the country that it is.

What a wonderful place

Think about it. Turn on your TV. Turn on your radio. Watch what you want. Listen to what you want. Open your door. Take a walk or if you drive, take your car. Go where you want. Isn’t it wonderful? Do what you want without any restrictions other than practical ones, money, job, family responsibilities, and so on. But no police, no soldiers armed to the teeth to prevent you from doing what you want to do. This is a stupendous country to live in. I can say what I want like, “You’re wrong!” and I won’t be jailed for saying it. Isn’t that amazing? Appreciate it, honour it, be grateful for it.

This Canada Day, think about where you live and how you are able to live!


Canada, I love you and I live you!

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