Celebrating WOMEN

Every woman is a noteworthy person as is every man but women are more noteworthy because they have the potential for producing a whole new person: a new teacher, a new doctor, a new scientist, another Einstein, another Stephan Hawking. Every woman must be celebrated and honoured. To read about each, Click the name of the honouree below:

Mary Simon (Indigenous-Cda)

Emma Girardi (Italy-Cda)

Frida Kahlo (Mexico)

Nadia Savchenko (Ukraine)

Maria Telkes (Hungary)

Marie Curie (Poland)

Leslyn Lewis (Jamaica-Canada)

Eva Henn (Hungarian-Canadian)

Sheila Tucker (UK-Canadian)

Ginger Kuenzel (American)

Cheryl Bristow (Canadian)

Alka Joshi (Indo-Pakistani-American)

Peta Gaye Nash (Jamaican Canadian)

 Judy Ledényi (Hungarian Canadian)

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  1. M.M. Libich says:

    Good Morning, Richard
    In response to your March topic–“women”–let me tell you about a recent lecture series we heard. BALL–Bluewater Association for Lifelong Learning recently sponsored a series of six lectures. The general topic was “Women in Academics” & each lecture was presented by an expert in her field. Some of the topics were: astronomy; degeneration (a condition found both in people on prolonged bedrest & astronauts living in space); Anne Innis Dagg (the Giraffe Lady) amongst others. Check with BALL on line for the next series on AI & it’s effect on society.

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