NEWS: Wynne some, lose some….Come again ! Ontario government loans to gamblers

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Peanuts ! Peanuts!Wynne’s always ready to lend a helping hand but this may border on the ridiculous.

Oh well, it’s only $10 million…



Explain this to me again, please. I just read that the Ontario government has lost $10 million by loaning money to gamblers. Huh? Come again.

Gamblers at Ontario casinos can get a helping hand from the provincial government should they run a bit short. They can apply for cash advances by providing a postdated blank cheque dated 30 days later on a banking account and applying for a cash advance loan from the government. Read the full story: LOANS

There is vetting process in order to be approved for the loan but none is in place to confirm that the blank cheque account is in good standing. So you know what happens…yup, you guessed it, the cheques bounce higher than an India rubber ball.

Uh, Ms. Wynne, tell me whatchya thinkin’, huh!

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