COVA: stay away, isolate, stay home, social distance

COVA is a horrendously developing problem. The linked article below is eye-opening in its comprehensive explanation of how serious COVA is. It is too late now for many countries hoping to stop the virus’ spread. They should have acted sooner. Some world leaders are making it sound like they are doing great defensive things. Weigh their words which more often than not are empty, with no merit.

Read the article and learn from it. It is frightening, but don’t just live in fear. Act on it, do something for yourself.

Social distancing is the best defense
The best and most fundament defensive strategy according to this article is to isolate yourself. Keep away from people and places where people have gathered. Stay home! Don’t assemble in groups/crowds or places where they have assembled.

Hand washing seems to be being emphasized everywhere. Do it with lots of soap, lots of hot water and for longer than 30 seconds. Change the towel too!

Please read the article but rather than become frightened, learn from it. Learn how you can defend and protect yourself. Eat nutritiously; drink water; avoid people.

Coronavirus: why you must act now

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