SCAMS, FRAUDS and HACKS: CRA scam has taken a new twist

2016-08-19_13h57_43ALERT: They’re at it again folks. Watch out! The SCAMMERS/FRAUDSTERS are coming out of the woodwork again. Don’t get taken !

2016-08-30_10h58_29The fraudsters are at it again. According to a site visitor, an email message notified them that they owed Canada Revenue money and that the tax arrears could be paid via credit card. Then, there was a demand for credit card information.


  1. DO NOT GIVE OUT YOUR CREDIT CARD INFORMATION to anyone unless you know it to be a legitimate business transaction. The CRA never conducts business in that way.
  2. Confirm your tax records that your taxes have been paid in full.
  3. Retain the fraudulent email for your own records.
  4. Mark the email as SPAM or better still filter out all future such mail. [ If you need help with filtering gmail, contact Richard at ]

Be safe, be wary !

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