The Communist government established by Fidel Castro governs with a more tempered hand than the heavy one used in the early days after the 1959 revolution. It is becoming progressively less oppressive though there still are regulations and restrictions which make life in Cuba a greater challenge.

When the revolution took place, many Cubans tried escaping the island. Fewer and fewer attempts are being made, maybe control is better. More likely, the citizens are more accepting of their lives there and not energised to instigate another revolution.

Cubans do not have the freedoms or rights enjoyed by Canadians. They cannot travel freely, leave the island without obtaining very restricted government permissions. Cubans cannot freely criticise government or political leaders. The media is very regulated; finding a newspaper is a challenge, insurmountable at any resort or vacation hotel. TV and radio lean on entertainment or superficial newscasts and ubiquitous weather reports without any analysis or commentary.

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