Dec 6 –

Rotzy’s got no problems with the upper body….the lower body….mehhh !

Readers Write….
….and this one had a field day taking shots at the anti-vaccers….you know, the ones that have RIGHTS! Right? Yes….THEM!!  Check ’em out: *If you can fart through your jeans, you can breathe through your mask. (that one was submitted by a first grader) **We have to stop saying ”How stupid can you be”? Too many people are seeing it as a challenge. ***It’s amazing how many parents went from ‘I don’t understand my child’s 6th Grade Math’ to ‘I’m an infectious diseases expert’ in just six months!

Miz. Jo’s On A Mission….
….of sorts, to improve her vision, in particular the ‘double vision’, which occurs regularly and at the most inopportune tymes . It’s also the main reason she did not renew her drivers license. Anyway, she pretty much knows what ‘needs doing’….and the ‘procedure’ will require an opthalmologist (sp?)….and to see one of them she needs to see her/our family physician, which she did last Thurs, and then a visit with a Doctor of Optometry, whom she sees this Fri…..and THEN to ‘the #1 Doctor’, who, hopefully, can/will fix the problem, Actually, Miz. Jo ‘took one for the team’ last Thurs (Rotzy being ‘the team) as her appointment was likely gonna collide with an ultrasound examination on my leg (*see below), hence she backed off a week. Meanwhile, yours truly also saw the optometrist….Fri at Noon….and dont’cha know Rotzy is gonna be sportin’ new specs any day now! And by the bye, Rotzy is also ‘sportin’ a pair of cataracts, which means I go to the guy Jo Ann’s gonna see….or somebody like him/her….and have them surgically removed. Apparently in a year or two. Or whenever. So I axed Dr Brown (the optometrist) if they can do it/them ‘posthumously’, and, well, altho it kind of ‘caught her off guard’ she didn’t seem to think so. She DID, however, indicate Miz. Jo’s procedure would be before my cataracts, then she added (I) will need glasses (again) when the cataracts are removed. I suppose if it’s ‘posthumous’ I wouldn’t/won’t care a damn….otherwise we’d have to scrape up another $500 bucks or so. Hey….whatever the cost(s), it’ll be swell for the two of us to have improved vision.

Norm The Truck….
….popped into my pumpkin as I stared blankly at a few health pamphlets in the doctor’s waiting room whilst Miz. Jo was inside doing her eye test and Norm came into my mind….three weeks ago he went to Right Choice Car Sales, right across Charing Cross from the clinic, so when Miz. Jo emerged from her eye exam I said ”let’s see if Norm’s on the lot yet. So we did, but Norm wasn’t. On the lot yet. But I returned a couple or three days later after picking up some meds from the pharmacy and there he was! Looking like a million bucks….not like a fourteen-yr-olde pickup….with about ten of those years running ‘bush roads’ when Nakina was his home. A ‘Certified’ sign where the front license plate goes and a ‘Sold’ sign hanging from the rearview mirror. The box black and shiny, some other touch-up spots, and his 4 yr-olde  BF Goodrich 4×4 tyres looking like they’ve got another 4 years to go. Dave The Salesman was not part of Norm’s purchase from Rotzy, but we’d chatted awhile, so I suspect he remembered me, and came over to shoot the s–t…..and we did. So….SO….I eventually axed him what Norm sold for and without batting an eye, he said $7995.00….and yours truly almost made a mistake in my Fruit Of The Looms!! He noticed my reaction and quickly said ”well we DID have to put SOME $$ into it”. I was gonna give him a ‘cough’….likely a ‘far cough’ but thought better of it. Instead I just said (directly to the black Nissan pickup) ”Norm…..somebody got themself a great truck, eh”? and gave Norm a couple pats on the hood”. Now Dave The Salesman gives me a ”Hey….you just talked to a truck! Named Norm?!” I said ”Yep, but not anymore….now it’s Edna. Hey Dave! Norm really IS a great truck you know”?! Dave took a drag on his cigarette, smiled and said ”I know”.

D.O.T.W. ….  
….will be/is a new thing for “From Nakina”. After chats with a couple/few/regular/long tyme readers, we’re gonna get a D.O.T.W. Contest up and running….maybe next week….The Dink Of The Week Contest. It’s abundantly clear there is NO shortage of Dinks these days….they’re EVERYWHERE! Politics, sports, TV/Radio, everyday life and living….the famous AND the unfamous….it won’t be ‘racist’ and/or ‘sexist’….we don’t do that s–t here at “F/N”. As always, I’ll come up with some prizes…for the Dinks AND those nominating them. So c’mon and email us YOUR favourite Dink….along with your reason for nominating them! We’re at….and yes, we’ll accept multiple Dink nominations!

Rotzy’s Health Update
This item’s gonna be some kind of mumble-jumble and not likely all in chronological order….as the days go, OK? But I’ll try. So….SO….after a month or two of ‘clear sailing’ in regard to swelling (fluid) in my lower extremities (legs/ankles/feet) and popping ‘ulcers’ from which the fluids drain, the ‘feelgood’ attitude was replaced by ‘concerns’ from Rotzy and Nurse Jo Ann (R/N ret.) Within two days my RIGHT calf suddenly resembled football/baseball player Bo Jackson’s leg….big….whilst the left (normal) one was more like Michael Jackson’s size. But it was NOT the same kind of swelling as when I had the congestive heart failure thing in March….or in Sept with the angina thing. I said, well THAT’S a good thing, eh? Off to the doctor or to find a walk-in clinic….and a miracle happened….a cancellation allowed me to SEE Dr I….in person!!! So, he’s thinking a bad infection, blood cot or SELL-ewe-LIGHT-uss….none of which are much funn apparently. Nurse Jo was/is NOT happy with the latter. An ultrasound next day ruled out the clots. Now, I’m already booked to see a vascular surgeon in Hamilton late Jan.  Anyway, as of today, Sun 5th, I’m on Day 4 of my Antibiotics and back on with V.O.N. for 3 dressing changes and cetera Mon/Wed/Fri. and I guess it’s ‘SNAFU’ for now. Nurse Jo  ‘got all my attention’ last Wed or Thurs saying ”you’ve got to get that fixed or you could lose your leg. I said ”that would be the heck of me!”….or something like that.  Adding ”nobody’s gonna take nothing from/off Rotzy!!” And meaning it.

And Just To Show I Was/Am Serious….
    I had a ‘rage incident’ next day. Coming outta the clinic after my ultrasound….feeling damned FINE after hearing ”no clots”….a loonie and a twonie safely in my pocket in advance for the $3 Flat Fee. Long story short….BUT!!…you gotta keep this under your hats, OK? OK!!!!??? So….SO,,,,there are TWO machines to take your coins….NEITHER one worked! I tried them both 3 or 4 tymes….(they ‘sounded empty’)….and they kept on shooting the coins back out onto the pavement….their fone??….I pushed the button a lot of tymes, but all I heard were ‘coughs’ coming back at me….re-playing my own ‘far coughs’. Then a little 90-yr olde lady stopped to ‘help me’….but I’m still busy cursing into the fone. Then I see her leaning all of her 75 lbs into the metal arm that goes up and down to see how far it bends. I said ”thank you m’am, now if you’d just step back a way I’ll show you how”. I guess it was then she decided to leave…..the arm was metal, looked quite new, and held in place by 6 or more nutz & bolts….I put my 216.6 lbs (I had just weighed myself in the clinic) into it, checking my balance. CRASH-BANG…down it went….sweet victory was mine. A young lady was coming in as yours truly was setting the arm out of the way and said “oh my”! I replied ”Your $3 fee is free/gratis today m’am”!! As I was driving out toward the street I caught up to the little, olde lady, thanked her for her help and apologized for my language. She replied “have a nice day”.

“Thought Of  The Day…”Don’t Get Vaccinated” A sign, nicely painted lettering on the side of a van owned by ‘Wilmore Funeral Home’. **2nd TOTD***  ”Oss….Kee….Wee….Wee”!!  *** ”Go Cats, GO”!!!

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