From NAKINA...: Discoverin’ more and more about the new digs…

Talkin’ elevators, odourless chili, pet fox “Helen Reddy”

…the banana belt’s a region of endless discovery for Rotzy and Miz Jo

Elevators That Talk
As yours truly and Miz. Jo continue ‘getting used to’ various aspects of living our ‘next chapter’ here at Harris Place, one thing that I am now reasonably comfortable with is the two elevators in our building….I call them ‘Ella #1’ and ‘Ella #2’. Now, altho we’ve lived ‘at the end of the road’/’in the bush’ for about 20 years, neither of us is so ‘bushed’ that we are not familiar with elevators. Been riding them for years. But I’ve never had one tell me which floor we’ve just arrived at! All seven of ’em as well as the basement. Imagine that, eh? And imagine Rotzy getting excited about it. Shows you where my pumpkin is at. By the bye, Ella #2 speaks louder/more clearly than #1….or is it the other way around? No matter. Makes one wonder just what might be next on the ‘getting used to’ list? Stay tuned.

Every Tyme
I leave the apartment I take a handful of keys with me….for Edna Equinox, and Norm The Truck and cetera….because I MAY need one or all of them when Ella announces ”Ground Floor”. Unless I’m bound for our storage locker in the basement, then I need that key too. But the one thing you WILL need is THE FOB….a flat, oval-shaped, grey plastic, electronic device thingy attached to our Unit #303 key….and you need THE FOB for virtually anything and everything you may hope to accomplish as you go about your daily business. I double and triple check that I’ve got it (amongst all the others) when heading out….and so far, so good. Just thinking, Rotzy’s gonna need a new winter coat….not necessarily one that’s good for -45C!….and what with toting all these damned keys around, I’d best look for one with ‘Captain Kangaroo Pockets’, you think??!!

‘Being Neighbourly’
Aside from a cheery ”Good Morning” to and from folks we run into each day, seeing as Jo Ann and I are still ‘newbies’ at Harris Place, we figure it a good plan to actually ‘take an active part’ in whatever events, etc. are offered to tenants (*see below). Well, last week there was a notice/posting from staff of Your Favourite Pet Photo Contest. Interestingly, we (mis)understood our new digs to be a No Pets Building. Wrong!!! There must be 200 dogs here, and the vast majority of them are ‘ankle biters’….poodles, Pomeranians, Jack Russells, Chihuahuas, Scotty dogs and cetera….but our favourite was/is Charlie the golden retriever! Anyway, rather than submit a picture of one of our four ‘domestic’ mutts we’ve owned since about 1976, we entered a picture of our ‘pet fox’, Helen Reddy, who befriended us back in 2001….and it seems her picture is ‘raising a few eyebrows’… ”is that a REAL fox”??!! Helen is one of 8 or 9 entries to date and methinks the winner gets a $25 gift card. Stay tuned.

Chili Con Carne Dinner Thurs
is what the notice in Ella #2 read. It mentioned something about potluck, $8 large bowl, $4 small, butter & rolls, desserts, etc, eat in/take out….in the Algonquin Room, a nice facility we’d already checked out earlier….kinda sounded like a dinner at The Nakina Branch #116 Legion. Hence, in keeping with our ‘let’s get involved’ (*see above) thinking, with ‘serving to start at 5:00 PM’, and not sure re the ‘potluck’, we got there about 5:15. There was a pleasant lady there from the Social Club and a younger person clicking away on a PC. After 5-10 minutes of chatter back and forth, it occurred to me I couldn’t smell chili cooking….or anything else for that matter….and as I’ve often said, Rotzy isn’t as dumb as I look, so Miz Jo picked up on it and mentioned chili. Right night….Thursday…. wrong date….s/b October 18th. And we’ll introduce Harris Place to Rotzy’s Famous Cole Slaw as our part of the Pot Luck.

By The Way
the weather down here in the banana belt isn’t as ridiculously HOT as it was last week, and today (Sunday, Oct 14th) for example we’re looking forward to 13C….or perhaps 14C? Can’t begin to tell y’all how badly Jo Ann and yours truly are ‘missing’ the snow and ‘minus’ temperatures Nakina/Greenstone has been saddled with the last week or two. Really. Hang in there, folks!!

*Thought Of The Day…I remember getting up without making sound effects.

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