Dreamin’ of romance, spring and bikin’ agin.

Spring is comin, romance is sprouting, and the bike is ready to rumble down the road agin.

Somehow, while coping with arranging and attending appointments for us and my parents, we lost track of some time. Totally blasted through January without even remembering to write my January comments.

Hope the Feb 2nd Groundhog Day varmints tell us we will have an early spring. Tired of this cold and winter so far.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner on February 14. Chocolate displays are appearing in every store. Flowers are everywhere. OMG can’t forget to pick out a beautiful card that expresses my feelings to her.

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, where’s the romantic in you?

Family day is coming February 17. Is your family making plans to visit you? Or are you going to visit them? Spend the day enjoying each other’s company. If visiting is not possible, make a call to say “Hello”.

February is a short month, which means spring is not far away. Hopefully riding season is right on track. Can’t wait to get the sun and that warm breeze on my face. That makes me smile from ear to ear. Potato, potato, potato

Another motorcycle show this month where we can get a look at the new rides the manufacturers have to offer.

That to me means spring is on the way.


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