eBorrowing details

  • Kindle – Kindle eReaders are often not compatible with Canadian Public Library eBook platforms.
  • As such, Kindles can be a great eReader if you wish to purchase eBooks, but not as great a choice if you’d like to borrow eBooks from a Canadian Public Library.
  • Canadian Public Library eBook platforms are compatible with most Kobos and most Android and Apple tablets/phones/computers.
  • Common Canadian Public Library eBook Platforms – OverDrive/Libby, cloudLibrary, Hoopla (there are others that some Libraries use as well)
    OverDrive/Libby – a platform for borrowing eBooks and eAudiobooks from Public Libraries.
  • They offer 2 apps for Library clients to choose from – the OverDrive app and the Libby app. Each app offers a slightly different user experience and clients can choose which layout/setup they prefer.
  • It’s important to note that both OverDrive and Libby offer all of the same content to clients – A client with a PPL library card has access to the same content on Libby as they do on OverDrive
  • Ontario Public Libraries have different agreements with OverDrive/Libby in terms of obtaining content – PPL has chosen to get content from OverDrive as part of the Southern Ontario Library Service (SOLS) consortium. The consortium is responsible for purchasing the titles on the platform, not individual libraries. It also means that Pickering PL clients share these titles with other SOLS libraries who are part of the consortium.
  • Circulation of eBooks through OverDrive/Libby works like it does with a physical book – only one client can access a title at a time
  • cloudLibrary – a platform for borrowing eBooks and eAudiobooks through Public Libraries
  • Pickering PL purchases content for this platform – our purchased content is first offered to PPL clients for holds and borrowing.
  • PPL is also part of a cloudLibrary content consortium – this gives PPL clients access to titles that have been purchased by other Libraries in the consortium as long as their clients don’t currently have that title checked out.
  • Circulation of eBooks through cloudLibrary works like it does with a physical book – only one client can access a title at a time
  • Hoopla – a platform for borrowing eBooks and eAudiobooks (and movies, music, TV, eComics) through Public Libraries
  • Public Libraries do not choose titles for Hoopla. Hoopla decides on all the content available through their platform
  • Hoopla gives Public Library clients access to their content at all times with no holds – their titles are available for ‘simultaneous use’ so all clients can have the same book checked out at the same time
  • Based on the above explanations that different Public Libraries have different agreements for purchasing content through OverDrive/Libby and cloudLibrary, and different participation in content consortiums, having Library cards from various Ontario/Canadian/US libraries can give clients access to different content, and likely, a broader range of content
  • Clients will find different content on OverDrive/Libby vs. cloudLibrary vs. Hoopla. If you’re searching for a specific title, it is always helpful to
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