The Canadian government has passed an Anti Spam legislation to protect you from unwanted commercial electronic messaging.

As per this new legislation, I am requesting you to permit me to continue messaging you about my blog at or from zippyonego@gmail by completing the form below.

You may choose to AGREE  or  DISAGREE.

AGREE means you permit me to email you regarding my blog in the future.

DISAGREE means you DO NOT permit me to email you regarding my blog in the future. I will then remove you from my mailing list.

I appreciate and thank you for visiting my blog site in the past. I appreciate your various comments and your feedback. I hope you will choose to visit again in the future.

     Richard Szpin


  1. Pauline Sampson says:

    Thanks Richard
    I was’nt too sure what this new law was going to do and was a little worried about losing touch with some people now I can see what has to be done

    Take care


    • admin says:

      Hi Pauline,
      Thanks for your reply. You needn’t worry too much over the law. It is meant to protect you. Let me put you a little more at ease with it. Companies and electronic communications that are commercial in nature should no longer come to you freely. The senders of these communications must now have your specifically given permission to continue communicating with you by email of this sort, otherwise, they are violating the law and subject to serious penalties. Your friends’ emails will not be affected unless they are selling you something. So the law simply kicks in if there is any commercialization involved. In the case of my blog, from time to time, I transfer PROBUS things which involve money, eg. trips, tours, special events. Since sometimes there is a cost involved in these things, the transmissions are considered as commercial. To avoid any problems, I am asking members of Probus and also of my book club to understand that I am not pushing sales on them but occasionally will highlight something in that area which I think is worth their noting.
      You can rest easy in regard to social communication between you and your friends.
      I hope this decreased your worries a bit!
      Thanks again for your reply and thank you for making this comment as others can benefit from learning more about the law. It is the face of the future in social communication and it does smack a little of big brother entering into our lives more and more. But I think the government is trying to serve us properly in this case.

  2. Sharon Steacy says:

    Thanks for all you do for us Richard! I look forward to receiving your services!

  3. william thomson says:

    I always look forward to your messages and newsletters Bill

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