‘Faces behind unborn’ – Zoom event “Meet author: Denise Mountenay”

The pain after was not forgotten. Denise Mountenay wrote “The Bride, The Serpent & The Seed” to describe how she was affected by a traumatic event in her life and how she resolved the inner turmoil that came from it.

Meet Denise Mountenay, author of ‘The Bride, The Serpent & the Seed‘. In her Unborn contribution, From a Mess to a Message, Denise reveals how pressure from family, friends and professionals led her to make the biggest mistakes of her life…abortions. She has not wasted her pain but now, as a forgiven and transformed woman, spends her time sharing her experience and giving a voice to the voiceless.

Join in on our upcoming Unborn Movement Zoom meeting.

September 2
8:00 pm EST

Join the Zoom presentation.
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Ruth Coghill
Author, the WOW Bible study series &
Unborn. Untold – True Stories of Abortion and God’s Healing Grace
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