FAITHFUL SPY, Alex Berenson

Terrorism 101…a very believable novel which simultaneously entertains and educates the reader about the breadth of modern terrorism. Frightening!

Alex Berenson

John Wells penetrates al Qaeda for ten years until only CIA handler Jennifer Exley believes he is still true blue. Omar Khadri, malicious mastermind, plots major strike in States, orders Wells in from the cold. Tarik Durant, abusive husband in Montreal, concocts in basement lab. Neither Khadri, still suspicious, nor Exley, romantically intrigued, knows what to expect next.

Richard writes
If you like novels involving terrorism, espionage, spy networks, and military action, all described in colorful detail, then you this is your kind of book. It has thrills, suspense, page-turning excitement and violent action throughout.

As with many books, the action and suspense ebbs and flows but Berenson writes in well polished, very readable prose. There are lulls but Berenson quickly jars the reader back into attentive mode with terse dialogue and authentic detailed writing.

This is an enjoyable book if one likes this genre of writing. If one is interested in Afghanistan, al Qaeda stories, modern terrorism and learning about the extent or scope modern terrorism includes, this is a frightening and awakening read. Be aware that there are some sections which become very detailed and which may need a discretionary warning.

A good read.

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