Fall brings closure to our days of riding

It’s here!!! Fall has come and slapped us in the face!

Oh sure, it teased us a bit with some days of summer like temperatures and sunny days. Then it reminded us who is boss.

Probably have to put the bike away soon without one last ride to check out the colours. Wouldn’t have to go far north for that.

Spent some quality time with my wife this Thanksgiving weekend taking a drive down to Jamestown, USA. It was a nice trip. Great places for some delicious food and some interesting viewing locations.

In a restaurant called Aunt Millie’s, we had a fabulous Ukrainian soup called Tomato Florentine. My wife said best soup ever!

We went by Lilydale and since the gates were open, went in for Darlene to show me around where she and her sister visited this summer.

Halloween is coming this month. Trick or treaters will be out in force. Make sure you have enough treats for the munchkins. What’s left over will be mine, of course.

Winter is coming. Time for many to head south. Others have to get the logs ready for the fire…

Have a Happy Halloween!


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