Feb 8 – Third wave coming regardless

A word from the wise, the wise old owl that is . . .
Rotzy rants again but justifiably so. Read how he rants about the Second COVID Wave situation. He’s right in every regard but one….you cannot force, the mob, ‘the sheeple’ into do anything other than what it wants to do.


I Was Just Wondering….(*see below)
….1/ If you need 144 rolls of toilet paper for a 14-day quarantine, you probably should’ve been seeing a doctor LONG before COVID-19 landed. 2/ Does anyone know how long toilet paper will last if you freeze it? 3/ Blessed are the constipated for they don’t give a
s–t? 4/ Let’s have a moment’s silence for all those stuck in the traffic on their way to the gym to ride the stationary bike.

Then I Thought….(*see above)
….in regard to 1/, that seems like a LOT of toilet paper! TWELVE dozen rolls according to MY math. Well, the biggest pack of Cashmere*tm Ultra 3 that’s brought into Unit 303 at 555 PRN Harris Place holds 24 rolls. I doubt they make up 144 Roll Packs, but if they do, Costco would have ’em, however Rotzy’s never set foot in one of their mammoth stores….but if the 144-Pack was/is do-able, would it fit in the back of your average SUV?(see below) As to 2/, I went to “From Nakina”s Department Of Redundant Scientific Information And Stats and read the following….”Toilet paper (most popular brands) can be frozen indefinitely….but make sure they are completely thawed before using. Thawing and re-freezing not recommended. Regarding 3#…pretty much self-explanatory. And #4 here’s hoping they’re back to the gym by the tyme you’re reading this….or soon thereafter.

From Down In The Parking Lot….
….for 555 Harris Place vehicles and the adjoining compound for 575 and 535 came a sweet, low and gurgling sound one afternoon as Rotzy was having a puff/’distancing’ out on our balcony one-day last mid-week. It was wonderful, and it was almost directly under me….someone apparently making a delivery to a tenant. ‘Twas a late 1970’s Dodge Dart….(or Plymouth Duster, as I could never tell unless I was ‘right beside them’)…..a green 2-door hardtop. Too ‘mean sounding’ for a standard 318 cu.in., hence maybe a 340, altho it was possibly a 440 ‘with a six-pack’. Or a 426 Hemi!!?? The reason for yours truly’s jump in blood pressure was partly from having been a fan of ‘muscle cars’ from the ’50s to the ’70s, I’d say about 98% of the vehicles here at Skyline Living’s compound are SUV’s with a 4-banger engine (that’s ‘4 cylinders’ to you ‘non-muscle car devotees) that are designed to make little pollution and even less noise. So does Mustang Sally’s (not her real name) jet-black Ford Mustang have a 4 cylinder, tho Sally’s quick to point out it has a supercharger that makes it ‘go like stink’. As to V-8’s with some ‘muscle/sound’….mostly trucks, the best (noisiest) of which is a fairly new black Ram pick-up. It won’t gonna matter….according to an email I got Friday ‘everything will be electric’ sooner than you can say Ontario Hydro.

We Now Find Ourselves….
….”smack dab in the middle” (to quote Ray Charles) of COVID-19’s Second Wave, with the newscasters reading off yesterday’s daily numbers as if they were scores for NCAA Basketball games, tho the only numbers yours truly pays serious attention to are Ontario’s…and one doesn’t need to be Dr Theresa Tam, or Premier Doug Ford that Ontarians have been/are being BAD girls and boys. I/we get our info from the same ‘sources’ others get theirs I’m sure and it’s apparent….aside from/above and beyond the non-stop yelling/finger-pointing and flipping about vaccine delays/shortages AND CETERA….we’re not all that far away from the Third Wave (*see below)….and from here in the cheap seats, I’m guessing I had left mine to get a pop when ‘Third’ was mentioned/confirmed because I admit it kinda shook me. Thing I/we knew was/is the numbers were NOT getting better…..we were (sort of) getting past increases from Thanksgiving (ours and theirs); ditto for Christmas, Hanukkah, and finally, New Year. *OK, OK, OK…Tyme out here, methinks I feel a Rotzy Rant coming on here, so top up your coffee, make a new pot of Earl Grey, crack a cold one….I’m, gonna have a quick puff…..be right back*. Most of MY news comes in Norm The Truck….via Zoomer 740AM as they clearly have the better News Team unless they’ve gone totally overboard in CARP commercials, which they do quite regularly, at which point with a push of a button I go to 92.9 The Grand FM. At any rate, BOTH stations, CTV Kitchener, CNN, etc., etc. have been reminding listeners/watchers to (loosely quoted) ”please avoid parties and gatherings (distancing/masques/plus, plus, plus) for Super Bowl LCICVVCLLIII (or whatever) Sunday”. Well, you just KNOW how well those ‘orders’ are gonna be followed in Canada….but it will have zero impact in The Land Of The Free/Home Of The Brave. Hence, in a couple or three weeks we’ll be into Stage Three…..and within Canada, (not pointing any “F/N” fingers at anybody) wondering ”What happened? ”We took precautions!” Hey….it’s not what we DID! It’s what we DIDN’T….such as make laws with no teeth AND no visible enforcement/fines. You know….half a dozen  ‘sacrificial lambs’ they shaved bald, then hung out to dry. As to the ”Mess In The US”….I know not how much worse things can get down south of the 49th, but The Third Wave will surely show us. To the point that I have concerns for my Arkansas cousin Gene (not his real name) and his Missus. Firstly,  I’m olde but he’s REALLY olde. There’s a landing strip near them down there at a place called Gaston’s (not Cito). For Miz. Jo and Rotzy to fly down there, land at Gaston’s and spirit them northbound….even tho he did his ‘subscription tyme’ in the Air Force (I think), it may have been in a Sopwith Camel.

*Thought Of The Day…Donald Duck comics were originally banned in Finland because he doesn’t wear pants. (Quack! Quack! Quack!)

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