The national PARTIES

LIBERALS – Justin Trudeau
Thinking about voting for the LIBERALS? Click TRUDEAU

BLOC QUEBECOIS – Yves Blanchet
Considerations:  A separatist party in the federal legislature…huh?


  • We have tried connecting with O’Toole’s office numerous times but have been caught in the game known as ‘telephone tag.’ We will continue trying as we are interested in who their candidate for the riding Pickering-Uxbridge will be…stay tuned.

NEW DEMOCRATS – Jagmeet Singh


  • Promised to be an ethical politician once he was elected;
    Elected, he reverted to the same hypocritical type that many politicians seem to be currently;

  • He equivocates about confidence vote against govt; opposes the call for an election because his party is totally broke.

GREEN PARTY Annamie Paul


  • A woman, a black, a liberal thinker, let’s wait and see…
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