FILE EXPLORER: the Win 10 tool you should use

File Explorer
File Explorer is a Windows 10 application used for File-Folder management. It is available automatically on computers using WIN 10.

Why bother to learn or to use File Explorer

  • Name files with meaningful names
  • Rename files that are poorly named
  • View the files on your computer easily and conveniently
  • View the folders on your computer
  • View the contents of specific folders
  • Organize your computer folders as you like
  • Organize your files as makes sense to you

File explorer is a very useful tool for organizing the files and folders on your computer. Arrange them with names that make sense to you, in arrangements that you like.

In short, File explorer is a tool that will help you put your computer files and folders into the order that you like, that makes sense to you, easily and quickly.

[Once you learn how to use File Explorer, you may want to consider more robust file-folder managers. Many free ones can be found on the Internet.]

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