JUST MY OPINION...: Florida can be a smashing vacation

Florida vacations can be smashing successes if you indulge in the many events available to vacationers holidaying there.

Golf, baseball and tennis rank as the most popular and Eva’s commentary shows why this is so.

The Miami Open. Key Biscayne, Fl. March 23, 2018

The Miami Open started on Monday, March 19th, in Key Biscayne, where it has been located for the last 24 years. It offers great ambiance, showcases an abundance of talent and skills, and has the atmosphere of ultimate friendships. We went to witness a number of great athletes in the making, so we were on our way to the Open.

Our first match was in the Grandstand between Denis Shapovalov, a Canadian and Victor Troicki, from Serbia. Denis has the physique, he is tall, lean and muscular and able to deliver wicked serves, clocked between 116 and 123 m/hr. He served mostly on the sides and very close to the lines. It always appeared that his serves were out of bounds, but after each review, the call was always upheld. Victor, on the other hand, was all over the court. He never knew where the next ball would land. He did a lot of short play, skimming the net and slamming. However, these two opponents were evenly matched because Denis, the favorite, won the match with 2/3 sets. They provided two and a half hours of excellent but intense tennis match.

The women’s match was just as exciting but with a little twist. Simona Halep, from Romania, faced Oceana Dodin, from France. Simona currently holds #1 ranking in the world. Oceana, on the other hand, is #98, who, in fact, lost her last match and so she withdrew from the tournament. She was on her way to the airport when she was called back on her cell to play Simona, as there was no one else to do the honors. She had nothing to lose, but everything to gain, so returned to play the match.

Dodin was the more aggressive on the court; she attacked each serve; she hit closer to the lines and she was willing to create openings to challenge her opponent even more. When she gained points, she turned to the fans, put her arms up and encouraged applause. She was smiling all the way and very graceful while doing it. She was an absolute delight to watch. Not only did she have skills, stamina, and strength, but she also had the personality to enhance those skills.

Simona, however, played her game up the middle; nothing too risky, exciting or dangerous. She too was a strong player but needed more dynamics to her game. Her quick temper broke her tennis racquet and gave Oceana an advantage. She won the match, but not by much; 2/3 sets. While she became the winner, Oceana became the “lucky loser”. She put her name and style out there and her ranking rose over 10 points.

In conclusion, we were looking for excitement, talent, and great tennis players in the making, and we were not disappointed. We found all this at the Miami Open, 2018.

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