Ford: recall needed

Like all car manufacturers, there should be a recall on this Ford ! You going to vote for this guy? Think twice. Think three times. This man is not considering the little guy, not considering you and me. His priority are the financial supporters of his party. 

You’re free to vote as you please, but please, vote with your head. Think about what this man stands for, who he favours, and weigh his words with seriousness.

Read the list of ‘screwups,’ ‘misfires’ and errors committed by this guy:

  • His first priority when taking office was to cancel a $1 increase to minimum wage;
  • Next cancellation, the two days sick leave for workers in Ontario;
  • Next one, pharmacare programs for elderly and those under 25;
  • Next, the ‘iron ring’ around LTC residences...he started with cancellation of long-term care homes inspection.
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