Saul Alinsky and the “9 day theory”

Saul Alinsky was a well-known political theorist and activist in Chicago in the mid-20th century. He is credited with the “9-day theory” which holds that no matter how bad the story, it will be replaced and fade away in 9 days. Watch the news to confirm that Alinsky’s theory holds true.

Hillary Clinton’s post-graduate thesis was about Saul Alinsky. 

Want to test the theory? Does the word WE ring a bell anymore? How about Phillips? Or Fullerton? Do you remember the faux pas accredited to Ashe and McLean? Do you even remember who Ashe and McLean are?

Well, we have a number of politicians who are guilty of faux pas. You should remember them in the next election in which they campaign.

Let us show you a photo of the politician and state the item which is credited as being their faux pas:

PM Justin Trudeau

WE scandal
His family and WE $$$$
Bill Morneau fiasco
Pfizer vaccine screwup
GG Julie Payette
Unpotable drinking water for Indigenous, 25 years

Premier Doug Ford

Incompetent ministers:
___ Merrilee Fullerton
___ Christine Elliot
Ex-Finance Minister Rod Phillips
Vacillating Educ. Minister Steven Lecce
Flip-flopping on pandemic policies

Pickering Councillors

“What’s good for the goose, isn’t for the gander!”

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