Saul Alinsky and the “9 day theory”

Saul Alinsky was a well known political theorist and activist in Chicago in the mid 20th century. He is credited with the “9 day theory” which holds that no matter how bad the story, it will be replaced and fade away in 9 days. Watch the news to confirm that Alinsky’s theory holds true.

Hillary Clinton’s post-graduate thesis was about Saul Alinsky. 

Want to test the theory? Does the word WE ring a bell anymore? How about Phillips? Or Fullerton? Do you remember the faux pas accredited to Ashe and McLean? Do you even remember who Ashe and McLean are?

Well, we have a number of politicians who are guilty of faux pas. You should remember them in the next election in which they campaign.

Let us show you a photo of the politician and state the item which is credited as being their faux pas:

PM Justin Trudeau

WE scandal
His family and WE $$$$
Bill Morneau fiasco
Pfizer vaccine screwup
GG Julie Payette
Unpotable drinking water for Indigenous, 25 years

Premier Doug Ford

Incompetent ministers:
___ Merrilee Fullerton
___ Christine Elliot
Ex-Finance Minister Rod Phillips
Vacillating Educ. Minister Steven Lecce
Flip-flopping on pandemic policies

Pickering Councillors

“What’s good for the goose, isn’t for the gander!”

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