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Tastes from Home: Recipes from the Refugee Community

Just released to mark UNHCR’s 70th anniversary, “Tastes from Home” is filled with more than 100 pages of beautiful photos and recipes, each shared by a resilient individual who left their country of origin to make a home in Canada. This is your opportunity to experience the rich cultural backgrounds and traditions of former refugees through food that has special meaning to them.


Forget about cultural shock or social shock. For Aya Wadi, an immigrant from Syria, and her family, arriving in Thunder Bay in the dead of winter was an indescribable shock. The family survived the polar blasts of a Thunder Bay winter and thrived in their new homeland, opening an eatery that featured the foods that would remind the Thunder Bay Syrian immigrants of their homeland.

Recently, Aya was interviewed on CTV about her new life in Canada. It was a portrait of a shy but confident young woman who is more than just surviving in her new country. Along with her family, they have opened up a foodery that produces foods based on Syrian tradition and culture. An articulate young person who belies the brief time she has lived in Canada. 

Her manner, her dialogue and her persona display a young immigrant who is enthusiastic and fully engaged in her new homeland. The news post was too brief with her talking about arriving in Canada to Thunder Bay and what the family has done so far as they grow roots in a new homeland. She talked about her cooking and the recipes she has learned and continues to perfect based on her native land. It was a moving interview which ended with her touting the cookbook, “Tastes from Home.”

The cookbook is available as a free download and a quick perusal confirms it contains many recipes that look very appetizing and should tempt one into trying them. 

Click the link to download the ebook:  Tastes from Home


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