SCAMS, FRAUDS and HACKS: (PART 2 of 6) How to stop phone spoofing

PART 2 ( 6 part series )

How to stop phone spoofing

At this time, there is no ‘sure fire’ way to stop phone spoofing. The US government and the telecom industry are working together to put a stop to spoofing.

Your best options to protect yourself are:

  1. BLOCK THE CALLER ( if your phone has that feature )
  2. HANG UP immediately if you feel the call is suspicious. 
  3. DO NOT ENGAGE in conversation with the caller. They are professionals trained and practiced in this scamming process. GET OUT OF THE CALL immediately. AVOID ENGAGING THEM in any way.

The tech and telecom industries are working on solutions. Similar to our antivirus solutions for email and internet safety, there may soon be better anti-spoofing protections for voice.

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