Singh or May: who’ll be the new kingmaker

The Canadian federal election is on. The two major parties are tied in the polls. They’re neck and neck in reality. Justin isn’t getting a sweeping majority. Either is Andrew. But…

Third parties hold power to make the king
Elizabeth May and/or Jagmeet Singh may become the power behind the throne even though they will not score significantly vote-wise. However, one of them may score enough representatives to determne who will wear the crown of government, the Liberals or the Conservatives. Based on the Conservative environmental platform, the Conservatives are not very appealing to either Singh or May, but the Liberals are not scoring high enough to win a majority with the electorate if the current polls have any validity.

The election becomes interesting now
This could prove to be a very interesting election. Nobody knows Scheer; nobody resoundingly supports Trudeau. The man who promises the most to the winningest third party becomes king!

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