Jan. 6 – blitzkrieg on Blitzer

Rotzy might have forgotten about George Bush’s weapons of mass destruction as he reminds us of 9/11…biting his tongue.

Well, Whaddya Know?!
The olde guy saw The Ball Drop on TV (*see below) in Times Square New Years Eve!! First tyme Rotzy has been awake at 12:00 since back in the days (2000-2005?) when Miz. Jo and yours truly were tearing up the dance floor in The Rec Centre and/or the Branch #116 Nakina Legion! Well, this year I was counting sheep until something awoke me around 11:30….so I decided to hang in….then the clock struck 12:00!! I’d recognized CNN’s Anderson Cooper….and the next thing I know, they’re playing the wonderful, unmistakeable sax/clarinet strains of Guy Lombardo’s Orchestra doing Auld Lang Syne!! With an empty dance floor here at Unit #303, I was gonna ask Miz. Jo for a twirl, but was afraid she’d have a full card, so I/we just sang along…..giving The Grim Reaper the boot, whilst welcoming the smiling, cherubic-like baby who is representing 20/20….and to whom I said “Good Luck, Kid”. (*see below)

This Is Not A Resolution….
…..as the readership is already aware of my thinking on those things. Anyway, a couple or three weeks back I heard a commercial on the radio for the Canadian Red Cross asking for blood donors, and how SEVERE the need for blood is at this tyme of year. I suppose it usually/basically goes in one ear and out the other….as it surely does with many people all year round. However, for some reason, this tyme (and don’t ask me why) I heard it. Actually listened to it, regarding the where’s and when’s. Yours truly’s thinking for the past 20+ years, was/is that ‘because I take the number of different meds I do’ (to stay as healthy as I am) ‘as well as being a type 2 diabetic, the Red Cross would not/could not use my blood’. So….SO….I enquired about it from the lady at our pharmacy (who knows what pills I take) and she replied ”as long as you have no infections, I’m sure they’ll be glad to see you”. Well, I said (to myself) “Hey Toad, in spite of 14 or 15 operations, and two occasions that both required 3 or 4 units, you don’t even know your blood type! Tyme for a payback Bub….so roll up your sleeves”!! Well, I’m gonna do just that….did some checking, hence I got Jan 7th at the Brant’s Ford Civic Centre circled on my calendar. A (almost) 75 yr old ‘rookie’ donor! Imagine.

BTW and FYI….
Meaning ‘bye the way’ and ‘for your information’….I/we decided to pass on the following item to readers to help any rumours from getting started….y’all know how that sometymes happens, huh? Jo Ann has a ‘growth’ on the side of her nose, beside her right eye. It’s been there for over a year, at which tyme our family doctor treated a few others (with nitrogen methinks) but the one in particular was deemed too close to the eye, requiring a specialist IF it grew. Well, grow it DID….started about 3 weeks ago, and very rapidly tripled in size….hence we now call it The Thing. Long story short, she has a 7:30AM appointment (which she is ‘thrilled about’) with a plastic surgeon in the O/R at BGH to get The Thing gone. I’ll likely treat her to a McD’s 1/4 Pounder w/ Cheese, or perhaps an A&W Teenburger, on the way home at noon.

“What’s Next” You Say
Well, it turns out that not just the ball dropped last week. So did Iran’s General Qasem Solemani (sp?)….(*see above)….who was ‘taken out’ by the US Military on a very secretive mission, apparently under the direct order/involvement of President Donald Trump. Some reports say the General was ‘droned’. And now the number of complainers (who wanted to ‘have their say’ on the mission) in Washington (from every direction) is growing like an Australian wild fire! (*this is just a thought, but if the US is trying to kill a General….ANY General….do they want to ‘advertise it beforehand in the House and the Senate? No?) Anyway, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer has repeatedly….and I DO mean ‘repeatedly!…..said General Solemani (sp?) is hugely popular with all Iranians…and the coming retaliation toward the US by Iran will reflect the love they have/had for the General. Well, it is also reported that Gen Solemani has been directly involved in actions that have killed hundreds of Americans. As an aside here, there is nothing at all that is funny/amusing about this whole thing, and what may lie ahead, but I can’t help but smile when I see Wolf, STILL….five years and counting!?…trying to crucify Trump for everything/anything/nothing from CNN’s ‘Situation Room’, aiming at Donald in the ‘real’ Situation Room in Washington….which was there long before CNN’s. Still can’t impeach him, and now he’s an assassin?! And every tyme the Wolf thinks he’s ‘got him lined up’, the Wolfster’s own foot goes a little further in his mouth. OK, OK, OK….before y’all want to call Rotzy a ‘Trump Lover’ or some such name, I’ve reported on this issue as yours truly sees it, same as I did when he was elected. Yes, “From Nakina” has concerns as to what lies ahead for us in the Western World….and I’ve asked myself a few tymes if this General ‘really had to be taken out’? And each tyme two numbers appeared in my pumpkin….nine and eleven.

Welcome Back….
Team Canada, to the World Junior Hockey Championships over in Prague, Czechoslovakia!! Somebody played a NASTY trick on your fans back home, as well as those who, along with many parents, made the trip over there to cheer you on. Well, we all were hyped/ready to go when you came up against the Big Bad Bear from Russia last week. But some ‘other’ kids showed up wearing the maple leaf sweaters….but they weren’t a good team when it came to skating, passing, tending goal, hitting, shooting, and SCORING!!! Final score….Russia 6 Canada….ZEE-RO….with all of TSN’s experts/talking heads fully agreeing in the post game segment it was the worst game EVER for Team Canada at The Worlds’ Juniors. Hey, they were absolutely right!! It actually hurt to witness it on TV, let alone being there…it was like ‘the boys playing the men’. Well, I know not if Coach Hunter did it or the players themselves….or both?….but it’s a ‘turnaround’ like I’ve never seen….and to complete it, yesterday they easily ‘disposed’ of Finland, the team that knocked them outta the medal round last year, with a 5-0 shutout! So….SO….in about 45 minutes from now the real Team Canada faces off vs Russia….for the GOLD. Go, Canada, GO!!! *Update* Monday 7:00AM* A ‘come-from-behind’ Canucks 4 Ruskies 3 victory!! ”Yaaaaaaaaaa, Baby”!!!!!! Our 18th GOLD!

*Thought Of The Day….Last week I had my patience tested. BTW (by the way), I’m negative.

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