July 20 – Vietnam, Portland, Oregon…it’s a wonderful world?

Here We Go….Again!
    Back to the dreaded Stelco Forge #9 (*see last week’s column). I refer, of course, to Heat Wave/Warning Part II, having had a brief respite following Part I. It’s Sat 10:00 AM at the moment and Rotzy’s already got a good sweat going, tho my drive out to The Rez to fill up Miz. Jo’s Equinox at 7:30 was actually quite enjoyable…albeit short-lived. As to Heat Warnings, they have just become a daily feature on every news broadcast, every station….and when the announcer says ‘feels like’…..I/we take it to heart, just as I/we did up in Nakina when it was at the opposite end of the thermometer in Jan or Feb and ‘feels like -48C’. Anyway, the weather prognosticators are saying we’ll be on the hot seat until at least next Tues and yours truly has found a ‘coping mechanism’ that seems to work….I just think back to Jan or Feb (in Nakina if necessary) and it seems to help. Also, I heard on Zoomer News this ayem that T.O. has some 18 ‘Cooling Locations’ where people can go to get some relief, but Rotzy The Hoser doesn’t need them….down to the garden, turn the tap on full (to drain the almost-boiling water in the hose) and enjoy a very cool shower….or three….with a cold tallboy on ice in Norm The Truck. A fine way to chill out in the dog days of summer.

Bad Timing Or What….
    ….that it became MANDATORY to wear a mask….not to be confused with masque (*see below)….as of yesterday (Fri) in Brantford, the olde guy can’t begin to tell y’all just how thrilled I am (tongue in cheek) to comply with the city’s newest by-law, altho how in hell they plan to enforce it (if needed) I know not?! Not my problem….I just do what I’m told….usually/most of the tyme. Fogged up glasses and sweating like a pig. I checked with security at Zehr’s Market yesterday and learned there were zero issues/fights/brawls and/or murders, as was the case elsewhere, perhaps Hamilton? However, when I stopped at Circle K this morn to get my ticket fix, I was in Miz. Jo’s SUV, hence I was without my mask(s)!….so I apologized to the clerk, then spotted three other customers who’d apparently ‘forgotten’ theirs too! Imagine. Well, truth be known, I am better with a ‘masque'(*see above) than a ‘mask’, especially since I haven’t been able to find a Lone Ranger, Zorro or Lash Larue model, and if I wind the clock back about 50 years, I actually carried The Masque Of Balzac, with my own two hands….not to forget a down-sized version of The Thinker….when I was working for United Van Lines and we were setting up a Rothmann’s Art Show here at Glynhurst Gardens. For the unknowing, those are two VERY famous bronze works of art by Rodin. Balzac was a French playwright from around 1800 and The Thinker gained fame on The Dobie Gillis TV Show. As to me and ‘masks’….I learned two things last week….I want NOTHING to do with cloth masks! I’ll go with the paper model, thank you. And you know what?….it works better after another Circle K guy told me mine was inside/out. Then Miz. Jo showed me which side goes up and which goes down. Hey….just trying to do my part in ‘flattening the curve’, if you get my drift.

It’s All About Timing….
    ….or is it? Some changes in the air here at Skyline’s Living’s compound last week. Major changes. The couple who have been our Resident Managers here at 555 Harris Place since we landed here Oct 1st 2018….and for some tyme before that….had just returned from two weeks holidays, and promptly handed in their notices of departure for the end of the month….she to retirement and he to another job. They will be sorely missed and Jo Ann and I wish them nothing but the best. Also, the other couple who tend to the 535 Dunsdon building did basically the same thing….apparently in rapid-fire, like wham bam!…. I believe they have similar plans; however, another employee who works in all three buildings is also gonna bid adieu. Happy trails to all, and good luck to Skyline, who are having to replace almost 2/3 of the staff here in a rather short period of tyme. *Sunday AM Update* Maybe I had better make that 3/4 of the staff, as yesterday aft the Skyline Living grapevine revealed the young couple in #535, who just recently became parents, moved to St Kitt’s two weeks ago. Anyway, I ran this info past the olde guy (he’s likely year or three younger than me) who parks beside me down below are seriously thinking of submitting a ‘joint’ rez-you-may to become The Boss. No, not Bruce Springsteen….you know, the guy(s) who gives/yells the orders. He’s only 15 years removed from the workforce and yours truly hung up my apron, work gloves and pneumatic tools at GM 21 years ago. Needless to say….but I will anyway….we’d bring a wealth of experience/knowledge to the job….not to mention common sense! However, one problem MAY have to be looked at….actually two problems. I’m relatively sure that Miz. Jo (and my friend’s wife) will not be too thrilled about cleaning floors, doors, elevators, halls, windows, you-name-it, and cetera….hence we’ll need to talk with Skyline regarding getting us some staff, for us to yell at. Stay tuned.

”And I Think To Myself…
    ….what a wonderful world”. The last line from Louis Armstrong’s hit song. The odd thing is that yours truly does NOT remember hearing it at all during the early 60’s when it was first released!? NEVER. And you can ask Miz. Jo about Rotzy’s memory/recall, any and all genres, especially for music from THAT era. It’s spot on! So….SO….the FIRST tyme I heard it was at a theatre up Yonge Street in T.O.(circa 1980?) where Miz. Jo and I had settled in with our popcorn to watch Robin Williams in ‘Good Morning Viet Nam’. A great movie! As to Satchmo’s song and wonderful, soothing lyrics….the thing that stood out to Rotzy while the song played was the bombing, gunfire, death and ultimate total destruction of a Vietnamese village, while the people tried to flee. A very, very hard-hitting scene, that, in truth, I found difficult to watch. Anyway, it seems to me Wonderful World is getting a lot of airplay on the radio lately….not by accident or coincidence as their playlists are playing music that is happy and/or uplifting, and I’m sure the DJ’s are trying to be upbeat/positive-sounding….you can hear it in their words/voices. As to Satchmo, yep, he’s still overshadowed by Nam, altho it appears to help if Rotzy sings along with him. As to any ties with people better ‘coping’ with COVID-19….well perhaps….but I can certainly see similarities with the Vietnam scenes and what’s happening in Portland, Oregon and beyond. And I heard on CBC Radio World Report at 6:00 this ayem Sir John A. Macdonald got a bath of pink paint last night. Then it was revealed the Edmonton Eskimos name has got to go. Racist. The Edmonton Inuits? ”And I think to myself, what a wonderful world”. Sorry Satchmo, it ain’t working anymore.

*Thought Of The Day…I actually don’t like thinking. I think people think I like to think and I don’t. I do not like to think at all. (Quote: Kanye West)

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