June 1 – nuthin’ ’bout June being Seniors month

Taking flack from many directions, but that’s ok because it’s SENIORS MONTH and criticizing an old guy is fair game…but just for 3 more weeks!

I Happened To Run Into….
a regular reader early last week who (rather bluntly) told/dumped on yours truly that ”(he’s) not enjoying “From Nakina” at all lately because of all the ‘corona negativity’ in it.” Well sorry, but I’ve had a ‘standard answer’ to this/these kind of comments for 15 + years which I’ve used from tyme to tyme, tho it’s been a number of years since I’ve had to go that route….”Hey, don’t read it, ain’t but nobody putting a gun to your head”. But instead I decided to go with a line from a song Shakka Khan & Rufus sang back in the late 60’s….Well then, ”Tell Me Something Good….Tell Me, Tell Me, Tell Me”. I actually tried singing it, which appeared to leave him somewhat befuddled….and completely tongue-tied. Hence, I replied….”leave it with me pal, and I’ll try to be more ‘positive’, OK”? (or something like that)

More Readers Write
And this pair of emails landed in the I/B Box mid week….check ’em out. *1/ How many of you think that this is ending in two weeks and your life is back to normal? Raise your hand. Now slap yourself upside the head with it. *2/ I’m starting to miss people I don’t even like!  (Ooops…that might be ‘borderline negative’, ya think?)

This One Is Short….
….but definitely on the ‘positive side’. It’s an update on my Easter Egg Hunt! as another chocolate egg showed up last Fri ayem!….on the desk right beside my ASUS!! (that’s my PC by the way) The problem is that I can’t remember what the total was/now is since the other ‘late arrival’ appeared. Methinks I’ll call this one 24….that would make sense would it not? Two dozen in the bag? Yup, we’ll go with that. (Is that happystuff, or what?) ”Pins and needles, needles and pins, it’s a happy man that grins”. (Jackie Gleason…from The Honeymooners)

Gardens And Stuff
Old McRotzy had a farm, eeee-yi, eeee-yi, oh. Well OK, OK, OK….I lied about the farm, but if you’re ‘current’ with ”From Nakina”, you will know Miz. Jo and I are members of Skyline Living’s Community Garden, and to make it easier to dig/turn over the hard packed soil (mostly clay) she got me a proper digging fork, which worked great, from Home Wardware! AND….a long handled multi use tool that I would describe as a hoe/rake (perhaps even a weapon if need be) that has Mark Cullen’s name on it! Of course, all we gardeners know that if The Canadian Dean Of Gardening endorses a product, it’s definitely ‘A-1/top drawer’. Pig weed, plantain and cetera don’t/won’t stand a chance. Anyway, with Mark’s help I got all the seeds in yesterday (Fri) aft….a row of carrots, a row of beets, ditto for radishes, green and yellow beans….plus the onions and squash. I put the tools, left-over seeds away, parked Norm The Truck, then cracked a Bud Tall Boy. About two minutes later it was pissing down rain….for about 1/2 an hour….’welcoming’ all the new seeds! What timing!!! We also have stuff in pots on our veranda/balcony…3 kinds of tomatoes, some herbs and a big planter full of strawberries and spearmint….along with a nice variety of flowers. Tyme to ‘watch it grow’.

That’s Why They Call It Hogtown!
Memo to that fella who ‘wants more positive stuff”….DON’T READ THIS!! ….altho it’s been all over the news since it took place a week ago today (Sat). A ‘Woodstock-like gathering’ of 10,000 or more of ‘Toronto’s young people’ at Trinity- Park is how they were described, but in no tyme it had become Hogtown’s Pig Show. The fact that ‘physical distancing’ as well as ‘crowd size’ were completely ignored by the ‘young crowd’, while urinating and defecating on the grounds wherever and whenever the urge struck had become quite popular. Nice. Yours truly is pretty sure the post-pig party news report on Zoomer Radio 740 said ‘there were ZERO arrests’….in spite of a ‘maskless’ cameo appearance’ by Mayor John Tory. Then as if by magic, the next day (Sun) Hogtown’s uglier side was back to being ‘Toronto The Good’ Park. (*see below) Imagine. By the bye, Mayor Tory caught some media flack for his Sat drop-by….for not wearing his mask, as he’d ‘left it in his car’! But, as mentioned, all was well on The Sabbath (*see above) because Cops On Horses, Cops On Bicycles, Cops On Foot showed up en masse, thus avoiding Pig Show Part II.

Still More Readers Write
You want ‘Positive’? How ’bout this item? SpaceX’s successful launch from the Kennedy Space Centre last Sat was/is the first manned flight in the US in NINE YEARS. And JFK must be smiling from ear to ear. The plan calls for the two pilots to rendezvous with the International Space Station. On the other hand….which happens to be the ‘Negative’ one….racially driven ‘protests’ continue to worsen in more than 2 dozen major US cities….now in the form of full-blown riots, complete with numerous reports of arson and looting not before seen! Some mayors have called in The National Guard….and I rather doubt any of it is helping authorities get a handle on COVID-19.

*Thought Of The Day…Stay Safe. Stay Healthy. Stay Positive. *Remember, ”you’ve got to acc-cen-tu-ate the pos-i-tive….Ne-gate….ne-gate….the neg-a-tive”.

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