When a candidate knocks at your door, ask some questions and listen to the responses. You will learn a lot about the candidate and even more about that party.

The Toronto Star columnist, Susan Delacourt, wrote a great column where she suggested 5 questions to put to the door-knocking candidate. Read Susan Delacourt’s full column at Delacourt.

  1. Name one good idea from your opponents’ platforms.
  2. Name one thing in your own platform where you’d be willing to change your mind — or give a little.
  3. Have you ever belonged to another political party or switched your political allegiance?
  4. Do you have friends in other political parties?
  5. Do you belong to a team or a tribe?

Team vs. Tribe
Politics based on whether you belong to a team or a tribe is a very interesting concept and deserves more consideration. An easy way to understand the difference is to see “Hillary Clinton as a team player while Donald Trump belongs to a tribe. Team players are willing to listen to the other side. They are willing to compromise. They are willing to adjust their policies, modify their position, change the stand. Tribe players are mules, stubbornly holding to a position, unwilling to compromise, sticking to their ‘guns’ no matter how aggressive the attacks may be. Trump is the perfect example, a tribe player who cannot be bedged, even by a 7 point earthquake tremor.

Which kind of political player would you like representing you?

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