L.A. DEAD, Stuart Woods

Cop-turned-lawyer-and-investigator Stone Barrington ventures out to the west coast and out on a limb-in this “stylish whodunit” (Detroit News) filled with romance and murder from the bestselling author of The Run and Worst Fears Realized.

Stone’s trip to Venice-with a fiery Mafia princess-is cut short by a frantic phone call from half a world away. A celebrity murder has Los Angeles in an uproar and has a former flame pining for Stone’s help-in more ways than one…

Richard comments
Stuart Woods delivers without fail. To say Woods is a prolific writer would be hitting the cliche nail on the head. I think he writes a book a week and each one is very readable. Like eating peanuts, at some point, the taste fades and the pleasure wanes from too much. So, I just stop reading Woods for a book or two, and then the peanut craving returns.

L.A. Dead is a peanut popper’s delight. This is a who done it tale that will have you guessing right to the end. Even when you have it narrowed down to just two possible perpetrators, Woods throws in thought-provoking twists and you’re off again…right to the last page.

A really enjoyable read, this one.


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