A list of heels [lowlifes seemed awfully strong; finding the right label was challenging] in position of power and responsibility in Canada. These people make voting very problematic.

  • Justin Trudeau: Reconciliations/Reparations, clean water for Indigenous communities, WE scandal, etc.;
  • Merrilee Fullerton: Long Term care; replaced by Rod Phillips…see next;
  • Rod Phillips: Prov. Lockdown escapee to St. Barts; sends fake images of being in Canada;
  • Harjit Singh: sweeps sexual harassment in Canada armed forces warnings under the carpet;
  • Carolyn Bennett: Min. of Crown-Indigenous Relations; 25 years non-drinkable water in Indigenous communities; ‘nuff said;
  • Doug Ford, the list for this pazzo would fill the page on its own;
  • Jagmeet Singh – does the word hypocrite resonate? Dreams of becoming PM to whom he is sycophant daily;
  • Brenda Luck – not a politician but was an appointee; useless ex commander of RCMP; RCMP, ‘nuff said;
  • The list of ‘heels’ in positions of power and responsibility is endless: add your own names.
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