Mar 15 – Gets “aged servicing” at BGH

Rotzy’s back after a week at Brantford General Hospital (BGH).

Rotzy had to check in to the Brantford General for a week to check things out. After some routine maintenance for the aged, his check-up passed and he was checked out. Thank goodness he didn’t check out in another sense. He’s back. He’s mending and he’s making a few changes but smoking may be his toughest challenge.

Readers Write….
….and it seems there is nothing at all wrong with this particular reader’s sense of humour, somewhat akin to ”S–t happens, so can we just get on with things?” ….hey, check ’em out. *Funny, I do not remember being absent-minded….but….if all is not lost, where the hell do I find it?? **When I’m finally holding the right cards, everyone wants to play chess! ***Funny, I do not remember being absent-minded. ****Have I sent this message TO you before? or did I get it FROM you?

It’s Now Sunday Mar 13….
….5:12AM….EDST (on Norm The Truck’s dashboard tymepiece) as I was told/reminded by Miz. Jo yesterday….and I’ll get to the rest of the clocks whenever. ‘Cept for my Timex wrist piece. Lost the print-out instructions on our move down here in 2018, which were/are too small to read anyway. Meaning I’ll get the guy at the jewellery store in the Lynden Mall to do the honours….again, like he did a few months back, even tho I’m not in the market for one of his/their Rolex*tm or Diesel*tm models on display for Lord knows how much(?), albeit apparently too much to show the price.. Hey, my man will look after me again, and I’m betting I won’t see the Invoice for $1 Million Dollars charge he came up with last tyme! ‘Nuff said….let’s get updated, and starting off with an ‘apology’ to all for what turned out to be a ‘much-shortened’ version of “F/N”, plus how/why that came about. What follows here (with no apologies) will be a LOT of people’s names, as well as a number of medical initials/short-forms for a myriad of different things, OK? So….SO….I’ll wind my own ‘body clock’ back to Sat Mar 6th, when I’m not really ‘sick’ but really no energy/’baffed out’, as well as foot and leg swelling, then in both legs….tripled in less than 3 days. Hence, I was (almost) suddenly looking like The Elephant Man, then Dumbo was standing on my chest with both feet. A while after an enjoyable supper I mumbled to Miz. Jo “I don’t feel well”….then added ”at all”. Miz. Jo quickly became R/N Jo Ann so I mentioned ”Dumbo is standing on my chest. Both feet”. Fifteen minutes later I was enroute to Brant’s Ford General Hospital along with three EMS staffers, where yours truly was incarcerated for the next six days and nights…..and terms such as E/R, Admitting, I-V, C5-522 (5th Floor Cardiology Unit/Room #) Warfarin, COPD, C-PAP, Congestive Heart Failure, DNR (Do Not Resucitate in the event of da da da da) Order, X-Rays, Echo Cardiogram, Doctor (6 or more), R/N, PSW, Technician, Physiotherapist, Program Co-ordinator and, to be sure, others I’m missing. It was a big blur at first….just as well….and I REALLY was in bad/sad shape, ‘chained” in my room for the first 3 or 4 days as ”we GOTTA get rid of the fluid build-up!”….chest, legs, everywhere!….and WE DID!! My ‘pee-pills/needles’ had me pissing like Northern Dancer (*see below) and I dropped over 15 lbs in just over two days!! Ditto for my ‘roomie’, Jack. The names I CAN remember….Cathy, John, Roma, Suzanne, Austin, Shannon, Yvonne, Dillon, Kristen, Michael, Sandra, Dr’s Butt, George, and Sharma, Mary, Yvette, cleaning staff, kitchen and serving staff….not to forget the chef/chefette who put out an excellent pot of various flavour soups every day, in spite of the rumour/fact that you will NOT find a saltshaker (nor its’ contents) anywhere within five city blocks of BGH!! In fact, all of us during my/our stay in C5-522 gave the kitchen a ‘thumbs up’ for all (ok, most) of their meals, keeping in mind that Btfd General is a ‘hospital’….not a restraurant competing in ‘Chopped Canada’ or ‘Beat Bobby Flay’, tho I’m sure they’d fare well if they did. Compete that is. So….SO….that’s where Rotzy’s been for the last week, and what we in C5-522 have been up to. Tell ya one thing, it’s said far and wide that ‘laughing is good medicine’….and we DID! All the tyme. Somebody made/hung a sign on our door that read “Welcome To Room C5-522”….”Cathy’s Phunn Pharm”!! Then when she went home, it was changed to “Under New Management….”Welcome To Roma, John And Rotzy’s ‘U-Do-It’ Health Spa”!! First Visit Free/Gratis. (OHIP-Covered) Anyway, at this point….or at ANY point….Rotzy would be remiss to NOT give credit where due….and virtually….no, not ‘virtually, but in REALITY….everybody in ‘5th Floor Cardilogy’, especially iin these ‘COVID-19 tymes’, especially the NURSES, male or female and most of whom are young, bring a simply wonderful attitude to work for their 12-hour 7:00 to 7:00 shift EVERY day! And night! Seems to be ‘infectious’ if you ask me. Speaking of which, a couple of the aforementioned did the ‘Q-Tip COVID-19 Swab Test’ on me Day One and Day 2, then smiled when telling me BOTH were/are ‘Negative’. Rotzy tried to thank 6 or 7 of them working away in the Nurse’s Station as I was checking out last Saturday but a knot in my throat and a tear in my eye ‘got in the way’ altho they all smiled as they responded/wished me well anyway. An amazing group of young, ‘front-line’ warriors! Thank You!!!

Halt the Salt….
….is ONE of a number of new ‘rules’ for Rotzy (a bad ‘fluid retainer’) and altho I’m feeling a tonne better than I did ONE week ago, likely due to 20 lbs and a pail of lung and heart fluid disposed of, I’ll be into an expansive, even long-term scheme….AND…..damned glad to be doing it. So….SO….tho I’d only been out of hosp a few hours a pair of nurses got things (COPD and cetera) kicked off yesterday with a 555 Harris Place Unit #303 ‘housecall’, with Physio, Breathing and others following in the next week or two. One thing seems VERY certain to me, the fluids back up/lack of oxygen getting into my pumpkin has hurt my ‘quality of life'(*see above)….like always tired/napping, and ‘beddybye tyme’ right after supper!…for some months now! It’s tyme! Nobody told me ‘no more Tall Boys’ altho the only ‘no more smoking’ campaign has come from my pharmacist…(I’ve not spoken with our family Doc as of yet). That WILL be yours truly’s decision, and tho I’m ‘hoping’ to get off them, even Rotzy can’t tell you the Las Vegas odds at the moment. Hence, you can cheer for me but hang onto your mortgage!! Got it??!!

*Thought Of The Day…Thank you all for your kind thoughts, words and wishes for a return of good health….as stated above, I’m hoping for even better health!!

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