From NAKINA...: Mar. 5

Brrr, still cold up in the ‘near north’ and it’s affecting Rotzy’s attitude. He’s cold on the closing of the local and only grocery store of the area, he equates Justin Trudeau to Kim Kardashian. “Bimbo” is a label he has tossed into the ring. And then check out his view of Doug Ford and the provincial rat race, oops PC Party leadership.

“From Nakina”…

            The Second Meeting….

 ….to discuss ‘what the future holds’ after the closing of Nakina’s Northern Store attracted 14 locals last week at The Rec Centre. One of the potential issues focused on was led by GEDC as to the possibility of a ‘co-op-style store’, resulting in considerable discussion. Another topic/concern was ‘what’s going to happen to the building after the Northwest Company….The Northern’s parent company….locks up and leaves’? By the bye, last week their March 31st closing date was moved ahead to March 15th. No surprise there. At all. When I was in the store yesterday (Sat) I took notice that it’s beginning to closely resemble Olde Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard! Can you say ‘depressing’? Whatever. Well, Rotzy’s not sitting around on my hands, doing nothing and/or saying ”Oh, woe is me”. A number of possible ideas have come forward, including the Northern building becoming a multi-use facility….firstly a grocery store….and other potential tenants include The LCBO, The Post Office, a Day Care Centre, even a take out food place, etc. All under one roof! When Miz. Jo was on the NOSP Board, she attended meetings in Armstrong and Schreiber in similar buildings….and she was very impressed. I also asked MPP/MNDM Michael Gravelle about a person/persons getting some $500,000 from NOHFC to bring the current grocery store up to standards….specifically a new roof as well as new coolers, freezers, etc. Michael didn’t say ‘no’, and Rotzy realized why last week as an email arrived here at “F/N“HQ, showing/explaining how what became the Fresh Mart in Smooth Rock Falls underwent a TOTAL re-furbishing, with the help of $ One Million NOHFC dollars. And done for the same reason as in Nakina….their town was WITHOUT a grocery store! Michael promised to continue working on our behalf, so Nakina just has to decide what way we want to go. To help decide that, surveys are being mailed out as a follow-up to last week’s meeting. Please get involved in this important decision!! Thanks in advance.

            Justin Trudeau’s Budget….

….landed with a thud last Monday. Jeez…. ‘thud’ rhymes with ‘dud’, you think? Here’s the olde guy’s “F/N” High-Lights Breakdown….supplied courtesy of ‘‘ 1/ Women’s wages are gonna be the same as men….eg ‘same pay for same work’. (*note….I’m pretty sure Justin’s’ daddy made the same promise circa 1970, not to mention many/most/all P/M’s since PET, so let’s do a ‘wait-see’) 2/ $167 Million to protect endangered whales. 3/ $600 Million for First Nation housing. ($5 Billion over the next 5 years?) 4/ $172.5 Million for First Nation clean drinking water. 5/ $5 Million for Gordie Downey’s Chanie Wenjack fund. 6/ Canada’s Senior Citizens…eg a long overdue increase to the Canada  Pension Plan (CPP)….$ 0 Dollars. What??!! At least as far as the “From Nakina” Investigative Dept can find (*see below) OK, OK, OK Justin….let’s break it down further, from a Rotzy point of view. 1/ I’m not a woman, but I remain cautiously optimistic on their behalf…*.but ‘don’t hold your breath ladies’! 2/ I’m not a whale either….endangered or non-endangered….but I am thrilled for them and their future!! 3/ 4/ 5/ Nor am I an Indigenous person….but good on them as improvements to most of these areas are long overdue. OK, OK, OK….it’s FINALLY my turn, and quite frankly ‘zero additional monies for seniors’ is a real smack in the face/kick in the ass and Rotzy is not a happy “F/N” camper these days. Anyway, TYME OUT here!!!….just as I was set to give our P/M and his Finance Minister ‘the what-for’, I find there ARE additional benefits coming to Seniors. (*see above) Albeit not directly. The Liberals are pumping some $20 Million Dollars (!) into the studies of the ‘Challenges Of Dementia’. Lovely. Well, it’s tyme to ‘fess up’….I did NOT vote FOR Justin Trudeau (nor did I vote for his daddy in 1968) but I DID vote FOR the Liberal candidate (Patty Hajdu) in our riding, and as they say, the rest is history. And unless JT changes his tack/tact/tactics, he is well on his way to becoming ‘Canada’s biggest embarrassment ever’!! Hell, after his trip to India…a TOTAL disaster….it seems he’s already there! Sadly he’s taken Canada, the flag, and its’ people with him. As to the looming Canada/US steel industry trade battle….look for Trump to pretty well bury JT. Two years until the next vote? Ouch.

             Speaking Of Embarrassing

 The Ontario PC’s need not look beyond their own dog’s breakfast of a Leadership Race, having created it themselves by turfing Patrick Brown…the ‘man who gropes women’. Nameless ones at that. So…..SO….I’d venture Caroline Mulroney (Brian’s oldest child) is the leading candidate…but that’s just a guess. An uneducated one at that, but I’d still go for Brown. Doug Ford is another (REALLY???) and that is/could be scary, if anybody took him seriously. I heard him on a news clip last week, and if anybody IS listening to the Dougster….well, they need to stop. It said in this space a week or two ago, ”what are they gonna do if Patrick Brown wins his crown back. I just said it again!


 The Quote Of The Week is going to take aim at Justin Trudeau. Why? Because he’s such an easy…not to mention willing….target. It comes from a well known, respected political writer/journalist from Down Under named Rita Panahi….(no, I’ve never heard of her either)….and it goes like this: “Trudeau is the Kim Kardashian of political leaders….an all-style, no substance bimbo with all the depth of a puddle”.  (“Bimbo”? LOL)

*Thought Of The Day

…It’s the law of common sense: if too many people enjoy the free ride and not enough people pull, the wagon is not going anywhere. (thx ts)

“From Nakina”…until next tyme.


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