From NAKINA...: May 14

Rotzy was watchin’ out for her but closed his eyes, drifted off and missed her. But she delivered. Rotzy received a twoonie. Yup, you would never guess it but veteran Rotzy dismissed the Tooth Fairy the way he has dismissed Santa for years, both non-existent. This spring he was giving up hope on Mother Nature’s existence too, but she finally came through and the northerners expect the snow to melt within the next month and a half…late June, early July. Rotzy gives a TOOTHless smile!

Had A Request….
…last week to organize Nakina’s 2018 Canada Day Parade. Actually, I was in the sack, so Miz. Jo took the call and replied in the affirmative on my behalf, tho I would have said ‘yes’. So….SO….in checking the thick manila envelope marked ‘Parade Info’ in my bottom/left desk drawer, this would/will be my 18th July 1st Parade….as well as three Nakina Anniversary Parades, tho somebody else has undertaken putting it together for the 95th in Aug….and that’s a good thing. As to July One, there are ALWAYS two Rotzy rules to go by….1/ it goes ‘rain or shine’, and 2/ it goes ‘ON July 1st’, regardless of what day it falls on. Anyway, in leafing ahead with my Grand And Toy*tm desk-top calendar, I see that July 1st is on a Sunday! Now for the life of me, I can’t remember that ever happening before, tho it MUST have at one tyme or another, right? Then again, I can’t remember what we had for dinner last night! Well, we’ll get that sorted out next week and we’ll still form up at The Northern at 10:45 AM for an 11:00 AM start. The ‘theme’ is still red and white, so dress accordingly, but with The Northern closed, there won’t be any more free/gratis bike/carriage decorating kits handed out, so get your thinking caps on. Stay tuned. O Canada!!

There IS A Tooth Fairy!
I awoke in the La-Zy Boy *tm chair last Wed AM with ‘something’ in my mouth. (*I spend about 75% of my sleeping hours in the L/Boy as opposed to our 1/2 acre bed…the chair ‘just works better’, OK?) The ‘something’ was a tooth….obviously MY tooth….and under further examination, it was a molar, in its’ entirety! top left rear. Complete with a filling that remained intact. No muss, no fuss, no bleeding, AND best of all, no pain! But I digress….it had been quite loose for a couple months, to the point I had to chew on my right side only. Yes, I coulda/shoulda had it pulled but I ‘hate’ dentists. Since forever. Wrong word there…I’m talking about ‘fear’, people……BIG TYME ‘fear’. Actually, I had gotten ‘reasonably comfortable’ with Dr. Frank over several years, usually talking Bass Derby stuff, etc., then dont’cha know he went and retired! OK, fine, Dr. Frank. A perfect reason (dare I say ‘excuse’?) for Rotzy to avoid meeting a new dentist, you see? Like the plague. But now the tooth was out, sitting right there in my hand, and I said (to myself) “Well Toad, this is about as good as it gets”! “Why not put it under your pillow tonite”? Well, with the Blue Jays losing another one, I turned into bed about 8:30, and with nary, a word said, quietly slipped the tooth under my pillow….and to my amazement next morning there was a TWONIE!!! And the molar was still there as well! I thought the Tooth Fairy was supposed to remove it, but I can’t remember and I didn’t care. I immediately showed Miz. Jo and she was happy for me too. Jeez, the most I had ever got when I was a kid was five or ten cents…in fact, I recall getting a penny. (do YOU even remember pennies?) So….SO….I did some checking the next day as to what kids get these days from the T/F and found out they haul in $20 Bucks for the first baby tooth!!! Mine was 73 years old! You think Rotzy got ripped off?

Readers Write
And two excellent points were made by this one’s email. 1/ Denny’s Restaurants *tm has a slogan, ”If it’s your birthday, the meal is on us”. Well, if you’re in Denny’s*tm and it’s your birthday, your life sucks! 2/ My 60 Year Kindergarten Reunion is coming up soon, and I’m worried about the 175 pounds I’ve gained since then! (thx rel) And send us YOUR thoughts/notes and we’ll spread ’em around!

A Busy Week….
….here in Greenstone’s most northerly ward. Actual signs of life all over town! The annual Public Schools Floor Hockey Tournament; Nakina Senior Sunrisers Annual Carpet Bowling and Cribbage World Championships at the Rec Complex (Jo Ann and I don’t bowl but I took up a pan of blueberry muffins for the breakie at 8:00); and Mother’s Day Turkey Dinner at The Legion tonight. (I gotta make up a cauldron of Rotzy’s Coleslaw when I finish this column) It’s good to see some life around town after a LONG winter! Of course, that will be the standard procedure as of next weekend, as walleye season opens on the 19th….to and including moose season in October. Good stuff.

The Great Debate?
Hardly. But I guess it’s a start? I refer to the much-hyped face to face with Kathleen Wynne and Doug Ford. The ‘other face’ that was on the stage belonged to Andrea Horwath from the Orange Team…tho she wasn’t much more than the ‘other face’. So….SO….Miz. Jo advised me that the Tor Star declared ”there was NO WINNER”. Of course, they were talking about Wynne and Fordo only…so you can do what you want with The Star’s claim. Tell you what….with the Hydro One noose around Kathleen’s neck, and the Ontario Debt as an anchor dragging her down, yours truly CAN’T vote Liberal, in spite of Mike Gravelle running for them again/still….as well as getting two calls last week from his office looking for votes. And with Doug Ford simply BEING Doug Ford, I WON’T vote PC. Seems to me that leaves NDP and NOP….and a possible flip of the coin. As to a second Debate….sorry, but I somehow ‘missed’ the first one, so I’m not really sure I can stomach it. You see, as it’s said in this space before, Fordo reminds me of Donald Trump, and seeing Dougie and Ms. Wynne facing off against each other, is like seeing Donald vs Hillary. Not nice stuff. Do I say ‘stay tuned’ at this point, or perhaps, like me, you’d rather ‘tune out’.

*Thought Of The Day…The Pharmacist asked me my birth date again today. I’m pretty sure she’s going to get me something.

“From Nakina”…until next tyme.

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