May 23 – The Lone Ranger rides Silver, the rototiller

Spring’s here…Rotzy turning green!

Well, Whaddya Know??!!
    Whilst watching the 6:00PM news Thurs on Kitchener CTV, they caught Miz. Jo’s and yours truly’s attention on the weather wrap-up when they announced Geraldton was the warmest/hottest spot in Ontario (Canada?) that day at a blistering 30C, so we tip our hats to The Town With A Heart Of Gold on their ‘accomplishment’!! 30C is rare enough up there in July and/or Aug, let alone in May! For the unaware, Geraldton is also home of the Geraldton Times-Star Weekly newspaper, which is home to “From Nakina”….and Nakina is just about an hour up to the end of the road. Hwy #584….and Hwy #584 was also the name of the best Rock/Country Band north of Shania Twain in Timmins. But back to G/ton, where their hot spell now has the area on Extreme Fire Alert, as Miz. Jo just read the Sat AM report/warning from her i-Pod. It never ceases to amaze Rotzy how quickly the bush dries out when the hot weather finally arrives. Take extra care, stay safe, and listen to Smokey The Bear, folks!!!

At Last….
    we got word from one of the Resident Managers two days ago (Fri)….we got the go-ahead from Skyline Living for our ‘community garden’ here at the 535/555/575 complex….after a flat OVID-related ”NO” two weeks ago. Skyline supplies a bin full of gardening tools and there was concern of the handles becoming ‘infected’, so there will be a bottle full of ‘Anti-OVID’ Spray in the bin, for when we finish digging, hoeing, and cetera. Yesterday Farmer Rotzy flopped Norm The Truck’s tailgate down and proceeded to ‘tailgate party’ whilst I planted pots of tomatoes, seeds and trans-planted a geranium, all of which are enjoying the sun on our verandah/balcony. They have re-configured the layout of the group garden this year, and it looks as if my plot will be 4 or 5 feet longer….hence, today I’m gonna TRY to get it all ‘dug and turned over’. By a shovel as opposed to a roto-tiller, which I’m not exactly thrilled about. (*see below) As to the extra space, I’ll maybe wait until the yellow and green beans get growing before deciding whether to stick a couple mary wanna plants that have already been started in between them. Hey Now! Wouldn’t THAT raise a few eyebrows??!! So….SO….in spite of being 2 or perhaps even 3 weeks late in planting….what the heck….better late than never, right?

David Bowie….
    sang all about ”Ch….Ch….Ch….Chan….ges” a decade or three ago and there was Jimmy Buffet telling/warning his ‘parrot-heads and their offspring parakeets’ on the dangers of impending ”Changes in latitude….Changes in attitude”. And altho the term/word COVID-19 was never heard of during David and Jimmy’s ‘changes’, it ties in with Federal Liberals’ (e.g. Dr Tam, Min of Health Patty Hajdu and Jr Trudeau the P/M) handling of the coronavirus….and their complete turn around/CHANGE….regarding the wearing of masks by the general public. (*not the M95 type for front line caregivers) A month ago the ‘other’ masks were generally seen as useless, worthless, a waste of tyme and money, did absolutely nothing to protect the wearer, or those surrounding the wearer, of coronavirus. Period. Four weeks later…..Ch….Ch….Ch….CHANGES! The number of mask wearers has skyrocketed, Dr Tam and her team are now ‘telling’ one and all to ‘wear a mask’!. And if Rotzy heard the news right yesterday, they are about to make them ‘mandatory’!! (*good luck) They were/are doing news clips on how UN-masked people are being looked down upon by masked people. Well, it makes no never-mind to me either way, but no, the olde guy will not be wearing one. With this thick grey fur on my face, it simply would not fit tight enough to do any good. But soon as the Party Store next to Zehr’s re-opens yours truly is gonna get me a nice black Lone Ranger mask!!

It’s Sunday 7:00AM….
    as I put the finishing touches on this week’s column, and altho I didn’t get my garden plot dug up (*see above)….I am really dragging my feet on this ‘digging thing’, and it will be the first tyme in 30 or 35 years I haven’t relied on Mr Briggs and Mr Stratton to ‘work things up’. Besides, the available shovel is far too short….and the blade is way to small to move any serious amount of soil….hence I’m gonna buy a round nosed/long handled spade….one that a man can properly lean on when required. However, I still managed to get my hands good and dirty Sat, digging and pulling weeds, including under my fingernails….to the point I had to be careful cracking a tall boy at break tyme. And, speaking of ‘changes’ (*see above) how wonderful it was for this olde guy to get THAT dirty, when on a non-stop/daily basis I walk around with hands SO clean/SO often washed I could perform surgery! But I get to be Pig Pen again today, and depending how the soil breaks up….and whether we get the showers they’re calling for….I might actually get something in the ground. Then Rotzy’s favourite part….next to eating it….watching stuff grow!!

Readers Write
    And this fella sent me two different views of this current mess we find ourselves in. One was/is from a ‘Futurist’….who has neither a crystal ball, nor a list of predictions. The other was/is a father reading a book called ‘Realization–Hindsight 2020’ to his little boy. I read them last week, then held off writing about them. Initially, I figured the ‘Futurist’ was pretty much full of s–t, and what a wonderful the presentation the father/son video was. Read them again this week….ten minutes ago as a matter of fact….then I read them again. Turns out the only thing the Futurist is full of is common sense, and how ‘normal’….and/or anything even remotely resembling ‘normal’ is a pipe dream until a vaccine is invented, which everybody says/knows is 12-18 months away. As to Rotzy’s major flip-flop, I’m thinking last week I was looking thru the same ‘rose-coloured glasses’ as the soft-spoken father was in Hindsight 2020…kinda like ‘and they/we all lived happily ever after’!! Imagine.

*Thought Of The Day…I am neither for nor against apathy. You?

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