May 27 – And the spring’s back in Rotzy’s step

Spring’s back and it’s back in Rotzy’s step too…
ya can see it again. Bravo Rotzy!

So….SO….What Happened….
….to the three million ‘baby trees’ that were sitting in a tree nursery waiting to be planted at various spots in Ontario? They felt the axe of one of Premier Doug’s budget cuts, resulting in a FIFTY million dollar chop to that ministry and were to be burned/cremated….too expensive to keep ‘feeding’ them and too expensive to burn them after they grew bigger. At the tyme when the news broke (a couple weeks ago) they were 6”- 8” tall and appeared to be spruce….take my word for it, altho I’ve ‘killed’ any number of northern ash, poplar over the last 20 years, my success rate with spruce is very high! Now I’m gonna go out on a limb here and venture a guess as these three million trees matured, the intention was for them to improve Ontario’s air quality….you know, global warming, environment, green friendly, etc., etc. My question iis why would they even consider burning them?? Why not GIVE them away!!?? To other nurseries, to cities and towns, to school boards, and yes, to individuals. Imagine! Sorry, but Rotzy lost track of where this thing was going/went….hence, if you know, especially if it has a happy ending, lemme know, OK? Thanks in advance.

The Most Popular….
….question/topic this week in the elevators here at 555 Harris Place….as well as around the property, which includes 535 and 575….is ‘are they going to cut it or bale it’? ‘It’ being the lawns (and I use the term ‘lawns’ loosely) and ‘they’ being Skyline Living, the kindly landlords of all three properties….not to mention a large number of apartment buildings in Southern Ontario. Following a VERY thorough clean up of the numerous perennial gardens and the grounds, the grass here has been cut ONCE this year, tho you wouldn’t know it, with clumps of it sticking up 12″ or more….and it looks awful!! ‘Dreadful’ is a popular description in the elevators lately….and other words you may not often hear from seniors. Same contractor as last year, when, by all acounts, it was very well kept, so I’m wondering if there’s a pissing contest going on between him and Skyline? Stay tuned on this one….at  least a couple of our neighbours are retired farmers and we might just see a few cows, sheep and/or goats tied up out there where the dogs ‘do their business!!

Noah Knew What He Was Doing….
….when he built his ark, tho he surely bore the brunt of a lot of ‘crazy Noah jokes’ in his neighbourhood….until he launched it. Anyway, the way it’s been raining in/around Brant’s Ford lately old Noah’s’ plan doesn’t sound so far fetched, you think? I mean The Weather Channel can’t seem to string two non-rain days together….especially yesterday ayem, Sat May 25, when the Captain of the SS Noah woulda been grinning like a cheshire cat at the massive downpour. Rotzy waited for a little let-up, grabbed my parasol and went to have a puff or two in Norm The Truck…half way across the parking lot it came down in buckets and in the two of three seconds it took me to close up my bumpershoot, I was drenched but good. Then it rained like that for half an hour!! Making me glad I wasn’t driving in it. And I said (to myself) “Golly Gee Toad (or something like that) you ain’t NEVER seen it rain THIS hard”!!! Also, I’ve never been afraid of lightning and thunder, but a couple terribly loud cracks from right overhead had me wondering if I had soiled myself!? Well, I just checked TWC’s 7-day forecast and today SUN May 26 looks just fine, thank you….then rain every day Mon to Thurs. Just what we need to keep our lawns green and growing, you think?

Pardon Me?
   Miz. Jo read me a news item last week stating that President Trump has issued a FULL Pardon to Conrad Black….who is NOT yours truly’s favourite Canadian of all tyme, or anytyme for that matter. Black was found guilty of several charges some tyme ago, ‘paid his debt to society’ in an upscale Florida pen, then on his release I believe was banished back to Canada. Tell you what Donald, why not go the whole nine yards and welcome Mr Black back to south of the 49th….Anywhere USA will do….c’mon man, you deserve each other….you can have Babs too if you want.

Nakina Stuff
    Other than emails, fone calls, and cetera from friends and neighbours up there, but we got wind of a big event coming up at Branch #116 Legion. Circle Sat June 8th on your calendar….”Tea And Market”….Bedding Plants!….Local Crafts!….Baked Goods!….Local Retailers! Book your table by foning Chrystal at 329-9250 or Matt at 632-0431. Come on out and support YOUR Legion!!!

    Toronto’s NBA team disposed of the Milwaukee Bucks in 6 games, thus becoming Toronto’s/Canada’s FIRST ever team to go to the NBA Championship!!! They will play the Golden State Warriors in a 7 game series. As to T.O.s other pro sports teams. Soccer….Toronto FC…the only thing I know (or care) about them, they had zero imagination when choosing their team name. Hockey….The Maple Leafs are still not yet among the NHL’s elite teams. Baseball….in the span of ONE year, the Blue Jays have become MLB’s worst team….their two top front office guys don’t know s–t from clay….they should apologize to fans, or what’s left of them, then leave. Their new manager (Charlie?) Montoya is in WAY over his head….he should leave too. Also, the Hitting Coach should leave…or maybe he already has? because these guys can’t even ‘hit their own weight’!

What Did John Tory….
….say/do to Dougie Ford to have The Premier ridiculing him and T.O.Council every tyme the Mayor turns around!!?? It says here…after putting 2 and 2 together….Ford is STILL pissed at Tory because the Dougster lost the T.O Mayoral Election to John in 2014! having served ONE term as Etobicoke North Councillor (when his brother Rob made a laughing stock of himself AND Tronna), back in the days of the LARGE Council. Sorry but I can’t explain why Ford took it upon HIMSELF as the new Premier to cut the number of Councillors in half. Sore loser Fordo. And now there are mumblings of Tory getting the nod to run/resurrect the Ontario Liberals. Well, with Fordo slipping down the popularity poll/pole at Mach 5 or 6, do you see a ‘pattern’ development here….again/still. I am also seeing something definite emerging that in many ways act and re-act like Rob Ford….and I don’t think that’s a particularly good thing. Another stay tuned?!

*Thought Of The Day…Today I thought I was loosing weight, but it turns out my sweatpants had come untied.  (b.h.)

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