From NAKINA...: MAY 28

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Rotzy’s spring sounds like a lot of grumbling over troubled waters. No wonder he’s concentrating on gardening rather than tech devices and bridges.

Rotzy, we wish you well and hope you can find something to smile about after June 7th and Doug the Slug oozes into office at Queen’s Park.

It’s Saturday 9:00AM….
….as I’m writing this week’s column….because of a PPO (Planned Power Outage) by Hydro None set for Sunday 8:00 to Noon. But according to the ‘blank’ clock on the nukester around 5:00AM, we must’ve had a UPO (Un-planned Power Outage) sometyme during the night. I guess the season’s first MAJOR thunder storm (between 7:00 and 8:00 last night) was a preview/warning of what lied/lies ahead. Now, yours truly has never been afraid of electrical storms, but I was having a puff at the screen door and very nearly ‘soiled my shorts’ at a crash/explosion and bolt of lightening, which I swear were simultaneous!, indicating that it/they surely came from DIRECTLY overhead! Ho-Lee….(*see below)….it certainly put an abrupt end to my smoke break!! You think there’s a message there?!

‘Who’s Next’?
 It said that in this space a couple or three months ago, as Bill Cosby was getting dragged over the ashes for his apparent poor/unbecoming conduct around those ‘of the fairer of sex’, and last week we got our answer. As an appeal for The Cos is in the works, Morgan Freeman is the new ‘Who’s Next’ guy, and he’s about to be drawn and quartered as the latest ‘poster boy’ of the ‘Men Who Do/Say Rude Things To Women’ movement. And, a ‘movement’ it is! Once again, a whole group of females….EIGHT in this case….somehow all come forward/speak out at the same tyme…to say what a s–thead Morgan Freeman was/is! Jeez…that guy is one of the best actors ever….might even be Rotzy’s favourite. And his narration of the award winning documentary ‘March Of The Penguins’ could/would bring tears to your eyes! So….SO….it occurred to me the other day….after Freeman’s story first broke…why do we NEVER see/here/read of a handful of guys….like 7 or 8….banding together at the same tyme, all with similar claims/charges against a famous woman actor? A woman who has (allegedly of course) used and abused the gentlemen/touched or even spoken to them inappropriately. I guess that famous women, actors or what have you, do NOT behave like that, eh? Ever. Hey, good luck Morgan Freeman….and don’t hire Cosby’s lawyer.

….a state-of-the-art desk top model….hasn’t been working worth a hoot for going on three months now. Maybe longer. I somehow manage to get this “F/N” Column done up and sent down to The Time-Star OK, after clicking the ‘Send’ button, tho I’d have zero record of where it went/when it went or IF it went. Nothing listed under ‘Sent, Outbox or Deleted’. Most ‘fwds’ that DID arrive became redundant immediately. Bottom line, it’s been a helluva mess. So….SO….as last evening’s T-Storm was intensifying, Jo Ann and Rotzy decided to shut the TV AND the computer ‘off’, to possibly avoid potential problems….and we did. So at 5:00AM today, I turned the ASUS ‘on’, fed in my email address, and the secret ‘password’….hence a ‘strange-looking’ email info page format appeared on the monitor. Well Rotzy isn’t as dumb as I look, and after perhaps after 15 or 20 seconds I realized the ‘strange-looking page’ wasn’t/isn’t ‘strange’ at all. That is the way it’s SUPPOSED to look! It’s back!!! And yes, I have no doubt that the lightning bolt last night (*see above) played a big part in my return to PC normalcy!

More Crazy Stuff
The 30+C temps we had for a day or three last week….during which I actually overheard a local ‘complaining about the HEAT’!….’went somewhere’ along with the storm. Right down to 3C this cloudy, still raining Saturday morning. Anyway, in checking TWC reports for next week, safe to say the reasonably warm ‘spring’ weather is upon us. What is it they say? ‘In spring, a young man’s fancies turn to thoughts of love’….or something like that, eh? Well, this olde guy’s fancies….tho I still love Miz. Jo….return to thoughts of growing stuff. Flowers, veggies, anything that grows. And, as long as I am still able to plant and work a reasonable size garden, and a few potted plants, well that’s what I’m gonna do! Albeit, not immediately….our three veggie patches after this down-pour look like a Viet Nam rice paddy….without the rice. But that’ll change, and using the late Shirley K’s advice, ‘safe-after June 16th’ (for plants), altho spuds and onions will go in before then. I was thinking about trying my hand at ‘medical’ mirajuana but found out that it’s $15 for ONE seed!! Pass on that one. Tyme to ‘get growing’ to quote Shirley!

Readers Write
And readers are all over this news story today! The Nipigonewrong Memorial Bridge has ‘FAILED’ again! No, it didn’t fall/collapse into the Nipigon River….it just ‘FAILED. Like the last tyme it ‘failed”. Friday evening at about 8:47 from what I got from Miz. Jo. Methinks it ‘failed’ on the east side of the bridge this tyme….I think. Last mess was on the west side….I think. One thing I DO KNOW….we have NOT crossed this architectural/engineering nightmare since the first ‘failure’, which was over 2 1/2 years ago! And you can bet your diddy bag that last night’s boo-boo will NOT do anything to change our self-inflicted ‘boycott’. ‘Bridge over troubled waters’ doesn’t get it right. The waters are just fine, thank you! What a mess.

*Thought Of The Day…I think it’s pretty cool how the Chinese people made a language entirely out of tatoos.

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