APPS: ALARMED, an old favourite app ( 2013)

ALARMED has not been updated since 2008 or so and it may not work on the newest iPADs but if it installs to your device, it is a superb app for reminders, timers and alarms.

I’m addicted…to APPS

OLD GUYMy iPhone has north of 200 apps on it — sounds crazy. I can come up with all kinds of justifications for this number of apps: I am in the middle of testing each of them; they are all so good, they must be retained; they are like children who I don’t have the heart to delete.

My Smartphone is just about screaming at me: memory use remaining, 2%, disk storage space remaining, 40%. I may need to revisit these things soon before I end up receiving the dreaded message, “Kapootsky!” This has occurred so many times on my computer, my near resident tech guru, my nephew, avoids even casual social phone calls from me…just in case my computer is down…again. But I can’t help it, I am addicted to iOS apps…I firmly believe, ‘an app a day, keeps senility away!’

ALARMED – Reminders and Timers

In any case, my all time favourite app is ALARMED —  Reminders and Timers. This app is much more than its seems at first glance. It is more than a simple alarm clock. ALARMIt is that plus a timer and it does what is intends very effectively. It’s two apps  are simple to use, straightforward and quick setup, both the reminder and the timer alarms. One chooses whether they want a reminder for some future event or if they want an alarm to signal the passage of a certain amount of time.


Setting up a REMINDER is a simple task. Choose the REMINDER icon and then the + symbol. Enter the relevant information:
a useful title, the date and time for alarm notification and press ‘DONE.’ That’s it. Nothing simpler, and nothing more effective. Simple, clean, and very efficient.

The TIMER2013-11-22_13h30_32

As easy to set up as the Reminder, the TIMER feature of the app is the matching flip side to the first tool and as easy to set up and use. Choose the TIMERS icon, the + symbol and using the scale at the bottom of the screen scroll in the needed allotment of time, add in a descriptive title, and press DONE. Your timer is set; nothing could be easier.

The app does have some additional bells and whistles but none is crucial nor does any need to be used: you can view a history of completed Reminders and/or currently active Timers; you can choose the sound of your alarm and that is about it.

The app allows for some personal customization and even includes a user manual — many people feel more secure with a built-in manual readily at hand.

I have used numerous reminder/alarm/timer apps, many of which have nice added features like color, or priority designation but none gives more bang for the buck than ALARMED – Reminders and Timers.

Value: 9/10
Cost: free
Ease of use: very easy
Competing apps:, Toodledo, Wunderlist, Alarm+

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2 Responses to APPS: ALARMED, an old favourite app ( 2013)

  1. Ulf Neidhardt says:


    Thanks for putting your web site/blog together. It is great and very helpful. Your comments about driving to Florida were super (not that I necessarily plan to drive such a distance).

    Keep it up. I will follow it from now on.

    Ulf N.

    • admin says:


      Thanks for your compliment. I am glad to my site has some value for you. It’s all a new challenge for me and it may take me a while to get things in order and better developed, but I am working on it a lot.


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