BRUNO's ramblings...: New Years greeting and more

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Christmas is behind us. Now, let’s look forward to a great new year. Some folks will be in sunnier climes; others seek comfort in the frigid temps of our winter season.

In any case…


A new year brings with it a fresh new beginning.

Many of you will be down south basking in the sunshine or at least enjoying the warmer temperatures.

Up here the white stuff can keep us busy. The cold keeps us indoors with hot chocolate in one hand and a leftover Christmas cookie in the other. Our Santa suit has been put away for another season. Shhh! don’t let the kids find out about this. Ho, Ho, Ho.

For me, the motorcycle shows start this month, meaning I am already thinking of spring and the riding weather to come. Meeting up with friends and riding on trips to scenic destinations and enjoying their company at restaurants along the way.

A new year is also time to reflect on your past year and make any improvements on all things you wanted to do. That list gets longer every year. Sometimes there were things you wanted to say to others that just never got said. You know the phrase; “Should’ve, would’ve or could’ve”. Maybe this year or maybe next year?

Make yourself a bucket list and start working on it, the things you want to see or do. Never mind waiting till later. Later may not happen because life gets in the way.

So enjoy every minute of it. Life, that is…

To all,
Have a great and Happy New Year for 2018.


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