Nov 16 – They are remembered…

With apologies to Rotzy, but our site will no longer give ORANGE HEAD the free publicity he has been getting. From now on, his name will be replaced with T****. It’s a risk but at least he isn’t getting full credit on our site. [ Thanks Stephen Colbert ]

At This Point In Tyme….
….(Sat 9:00AM) President T**** still hasn’t conceded victory to Joe Biden yet….nor is he the least bit likely to do so….ever….but aside from his well-publicized round of golf on Election Day he is certainly staying busy. Major announcements on TV last night (see below) about soon-to-be-available vaccine for a couple big drug companies; firing of the Secretary of Defence(!) as well as a higher-up Under-Secretary in that department(!), the timing of which was/is a big concern; and The T****ster has made it clear more will go. Well….the one that has had little, if anything, said about it at all is that he has obviously turfed his Secretary of Makeup!! The ‘Orange Man’ is gone! History!! Miz. Jo and Rotzy caught his (very impromptu) appearance on CNN and cetera Sat at 5:00PM about a new COVID-killer program called Warp Somethingorother….with a few ‘high-ranking Military and other officials’ taking part. But we heard ‘virtually’ next to nothing from them because we were so amazed by T****’s ‘new look’!! No orange skin and no powder blue ‘mask’ around his eyes! And no orange/blonde hair….it’s now gray on the sides and white on top with 2 cans of The Dry Look spray holding the ‘do’ all in place. ‘Whitey’ T****. Imagine. It’s already been said in this space previously that T**** will fight tooth and nail to retain what was his….e.g. the Presidency, yet more important, what HE still believes is HIS! And he is about to take America to places they have never been before!! (*Sunday 8:00AM….pro-T**** ‘believers’ clashed with anti-T**** ‘demonstrators’ in DC and on several different fronts last night….and there is every reason to be worried about those confrontations snowballing!

100 + Days And Counting….
….for the Indian blockade down on Highway 6 at Caledonia. We’ve made mention of it once or twice in “From Nakina”, and just when it seems/sounds like there may be some movement on it, they’re back on ‘Do Not Pass Go’ again, in some cases even picking up a ‘Go Directly To Jail card though I don’t believe anyone was detained for any length of tyme. I’m guessing/betting that the entire mess is still on the highway, maybe bigger than when I saw it on TV a couple or three weeks ago….in spite of TWO court injunctions ordering it gone! Anyway, the news I heard on 92.9 The Grand F/M….which is just a stone’s throw away from the blockade….early last week there came a plea from a non-native woman activist who is calling for Federal Gov’t involvement….it IS a Federal issue!….to get moving on this long-in-the-tooth dispute. By the bye, a reader informs us that the land in question had/has been ‘ceded’ by the Six Nations a LONG tyme ago….and backed it up with dates. If THAT is the case, why are things still in this mess?! Rotzy has an inkling of what MIGHT happen….on the Federal level. P/M Justin Trudeau will arrive in Caledonia….amid much fanfare….there will be speeches/apologies galore from J.T., some ceremonial drumming, he will throw a LOT of money at Six Nations, shake hands, say ‘Miigwetch’, and board his helicopter back to CFB Trenton, then via jet to Ottawa. The blockade will come down right away, ‘stolen’ school bus towed to the dump, and all will look like normal, except for some ‘scarred’  asphalt, the development will re-open and all will be well. Coulda/shoulda been done three months ago….you think?

November 11th Changes
    I had my Remembrance Day all set up for Wednesday past (if you recall last week’s “From Nakina”) until Monday morning when Miz. Jo told me of an announcement that there was to be a ‘fly-over’ of a WWII Lancaster Bomber, accompanied by Harvard Trainers, and perhaps a Spitfire?! Not sure from whence the notice came, but clearly from someone who knew the tymes (between 11:20 and 11:35 AM) and that it was to be directly above 555 Harris Place!! Well, count me in! and then I’d go straight to Mt Hope Cemetery! Picked went down and out to a fine viewing spot on the parking lot by 11:10. Anyway, 11:15-20-30-40-50 all came and went and still no fly-over! Anyway, I found out later they were flying out of CFB Trenton….not Hamilton Airport….and ran into some foul weather down that way. So….SO….I had an extended visit with my Mom and Dad, then left my poppy at the gravestone of Pte. A.S Johnson, a young Infantryman from the Highlanders Bttln. who was killed in action in 1940. You are remembered Private Johnson.

‘Scouting’ Mission
    As the ridiculously warm and sunny days came to an abrupt end last Wednesday, it became quite obvious Miz. Jo and Rotzy were going to have to ‘make other plans’ for our almost daily hike, me afoot and she on her four-wheeled walker so I headed over to the Wayne Gretzky Centre to check out an indoor track we’d heard about. A young guy with ‘STAFF’ on his jacket met me, showed where we sign in and out, ran me up to Level 2 on the elevator, left me to check out the track and look around a bit. Riding back to the 1st Floor he wondered if I/we would care to make use of ‘the other facilities’? Five hockey rinks, two swimming pools, diving tower, weight room, exercise area, sauna, and cetera!! I said ”we’d likely just use the track for now”. (Hello?) By the bye, the track sits encircles a hockey rink from above, so if they’re playing you can watch. The BEST part is that usage of the track is free/gratis….hockey game or not and it’s open Monday thru Friday from 7:00AM to 3:30PM.

Nobody Cancelled….
….the regular ‘Port Dover Friday 13th Get Together’ for bikers who come from far and wide. Well, tho it IS November, the weather wasn’t that bad, so it is pretty clear that it was the reality of the coronavirus that kept thousands of serious bikers and rubber-neckers away….the estimate we heard was 500. S–t. Do I detect some common sense being exercised here in Ontario?

*Thought Of The Day…*How to prepare tofu. Step 1. Throw it in the trash. Step 2. Fry up some bacon.

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