Nov 18 – Cherry topper, snow know-how and unforgettable C&W lyrics

Rotzy comments but avoids controversy.

Coaches Corner And Stuff
Last week I got a fone call from R/B, my olde friend/mentor….and The Missus….our first conversation in MANY moons! so I wanted to send this item out to him and gather his thoughts/opinion on it to see if he agrees or disagrees with yours truly. I think he’ll agree, but we shall see. I’m talking about the BIG pickle Hockey Night In Canada (HNIC) finds itself in after Coaches Corner fired Don Cherry. Stemming from things he said about ‘new Canadians wearing poppies’….actually, to be correct, ‘NOT wearing poppies’. Well, Grapes wears a poppy….very proudly as he will tell you, whether you want to be told or not. That’s Grapes. He also wears his heart on his sleeve. Take note* It says right here in this space that Cherry will be back with Ron McLean on Coaches Corner doing what he’s been successfully doing for decades BEFORE the All-Star break!!! Hey….it’s not the first tyme he’s had a run-in with the producers of HNIC. I recall a major scrap over his wages some years ago, until the higher-ups came to their senses. After ratings plunged. Methinks they forgot Don Cherry finished VERY high in the rankings for ‘Most Popular Canadian’ on our 150th Birthday! Well, look for the same thing to happen at HNIC again….with the same result. You think so, R/B? *Sunday AM Update….I’ve watched Ron McLean’s oratory/apology last night on Coaches Corner during the Leafs/Bruins game THREE tymes and it was nothing short of absolutely AMAZING. Yet I’m not surprised in the least with Ron’s normal standards, which are about as high as it gets. Having said that, “From Nakina” is still saying Grapes will be back on his C/C hot seat this season.

You Had To See It….
….to believe it! You had to laugh….or shake your head in utter disbelief! I’m taking about snow removal in Brant’s Ford….Skyline Living Style….which is not to say there was any sort of ‘style’ at all in the ‘method’ they went about the task at hand….other than The Keystone Cops and/or The Three Stooges. But I digress….it snowed last Mon night until about 6:00AM Tues and we got 3-4 inches….the earliest for a ‘substantial’ amount of snow here since 1951! The Works dept was ready and roads were in good shape by 9:00AM Tues, as were those who did parking lot’s, businesses and apartments…also by 9:00AM!! Well, not ALL apartments, such as Skyline’s threesome here at #535, #575 and #555. It would take until almost 4:00PM for the contractor to pull in with two totally inappropriate/useless pieces of equipment on a trailer….and no salt had been applied, hence our #555 front door loading/unloading area was ICE! Thurs (day 3) a couple Bobcats*tm arrived but no one knew how to operate them. The BIG Push came Fri noon….men with shovels arrived….yes HAND shovels….as well as The Salt Lady, who virtually walked the entire parking lot acreage, joined by one off the shovellers, and when he ran outta salt, he put the orange pail upside down on his head to signal that he needed more. Meanwhile the Bobcat*tm driver was still learning about his machine, but had to stop to unload a truck carrying a brand new LARGER bucket/blade, which almost immediately proved to be ‘too much’ for him and the Cat*tm. Undaunted, the shovelling brigade kept on scraping snow into the Cat*tm bucket….yes….by HAND!! I’m trying to picture them doing the parking lots at R&D Apartments up in Nakina. We learned in the early going of this sorry-ass escapade that the snow clearing is being handled….mishandled?….by the same company that took until mid July to figure how to cut the lawns here. Likely the result of Skyline ‘nickle and diming’. Well, there were at least TWO slip & falls by residents (due to un-shovelled snow) reported to staff, so maybe stay tuned on this thing….there is plenty room for improvement next tyme!

On The Other Hand….
….The Algonquin (Common) Room here at #555 was the scene of the Arts/Crafts And Bake sale Sat morning, put on by the #555 Social Committee and NOT involving any Skyline Living staff. Miz. Jo picked up a very realistic-looking wood duck as well as a loon from Bob The Carver’s table of incredible pieces of all descriptions. Meanwhile, Rotzy cut loose on the Baking Tables….handing over $25 bucks for a wide variety of goodies….cakes, cookies, biscuits, shortbread, you-name-it…..tho I gotta back off a tad tonight at supper as I see my Sugar (Diabetes) Lady tomorrow at 9:00 for a foot inspection and toenail cutting, the latter of which I will be happy to have done as I fear ‘slipperfoot’ was/is about to set in. I’ll have to get Jo Ann to a nail salon to get hers done too.

After telling the readership last week the Lyrics Of The Week Contest was drawing to a close, we got a whole barrage of new entries, hence the judges will have to gather/sequester here at “F/N”HQ in an attempt to declare who’s going to Hawaii! One thing is a definite with the bunch that arrived, there is a definite ‘leaning’ toward C&W Music. *The Tatooed Lady and Come Here Little Wifey, both done by Homer and Jethro in 1961 indicate a reader who not only likes Country music, he must be olde as the hills! They were followed by a Conway Twitty/Loretta Lynn duet *You’re The Reason Our Kids Are Ugly’…and then *3 6 9, The Goose Drank Wine, The Monkey Chewed Tobacco, On The Street Car Line’. Followed (in no particular order) by a number of ‘love songs’….*If The Phone Don’t Ring, You’ll Know It’s Me’….*She’s Acting Single And I’m Drinkin’ Doubles’….*I Still Miss You Baby, But My Aim’s Getting Better’….*How Can I Miss You If You Don’t Go Away?’….*She Got The Ring And I Got The Finger’….and last but certainly not least….*Get Your Tongue Outta My Mouth Cause I’m Kissing You Goodbye’. Can you imagine someone may actually be getting paid ‘royalties’ for having written these tunes??!! Stay tuned for LOTW Contest results.

*Thought Of The Day…How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

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