Nov 23 – Frosty the snowman in disguise

The newly arrived frost has made more than just the ground frosty as we can see from looking at Rotzy. The curmudgeon is as frosty as a snowman in his commentary…

A Follow-Up….
….on last week’s “Scouting Mission” item that had yours truly down at the Wayne Gretzky Centre checking out the walking/jogging/running track that circles one of FIVE ice rinks they have there….in addition to many more facilities aimed at improving one’s health, and cetera. Miz Jo gave it the ‘thumb’s up’ and we went down Wednesday to try it out. Well I guess we spent more tyme shopping at SDM enroute than we’d planned and arrived at the WGC about 3:15….partially because Rotzy’s Timex*tm is still on EDST….and the track closes at 3:30 EST. DOH!! Hence our ‘debut’ took place last Friday….and Miz.Jo signed us in at 1:28 EST. A kindly staffer told us that walkers….those with and without the 4-wheeled walkers….use the colour coded inside lane (lane 2 is for a quicker pace and 3 is for runners) and Fridays we all are to go counter-clockwise. Speaking of a ‘quicker pace’ Jo Ann is always ahead of me and I was a tad concerned that the corners, like Martinsville on the NASCAR circuit, are not banked (*see below), and she would have to adapt/lighten up on the pedal….but no, she maintained the same speed. Anyway, all was going well until she came up behind a woman walker (without a 4-wheeled walker) on the 3rd corner. Then Miz. Jo was ‘right on her tail’ and I could tell she was looking to pass her ON THE CORNER! I said (to myself) ”Oh s–t, Toad!, she’s gonna ‘pull a Kevin Harvick’ by catching the lady’s right ankle in mid-stride with her left front wheel, ‘take her out’, then keep on going as if nothing happened”! There’d be a big wreck/pile up on top of the 60-something lady walker involving Rotzy, the two guys beside me in Lane 2 and Lord knows who else! But…..none of that happened!! as Miz. Jo somehow pulled off a ‘text-book’ pass, without missing a step, against a ‘stubborn/determined’ opponent….on an unbanked corner!! The track is closed weekends so we’ll likely be there Monday….and I expect word will be out to ‘watch out for the olde, white-haired lady on the blue walker’!!

Get Out The WHINE And Cheese….
….puh-leeze!!! The poor, already at wit’s end, (not unlike everybody else?!), parents of little Johnny and Judy are having to COPE with a couple of announcements made last week by some school board/boards (it matters not where nor by which board/boards) and their pending decisions on how to deal with forthcoming ‘snow days’ and the ever-popular extended Christmas Holidays for their little darlings during a COVID-19 style winter. Now, yours truly is gonna TRY to relay what I thought I heard, OK? Snow Days will simply disappear/not exist in winter 2020/21…if it DOES snow, Johnny and Judy WILL still attend classes. ‘Virtually’. OK? Secondly….and this one seems to have kicked up the whines/wines to yet another level of upset!….the Christmas Holidays that have become a TWO WEEK span just might be ‘shelved’ this year, to become (and Rotzy is only ‘speculating’ on this) perhaps a ‘long weekend’ type ‘break’. AND the health people have the stats to show Johnny, Judy and their school pals are MUCH safer from COVID-19 than when they are actually INSIDE the school(s). So parents….do what you want with that folks, but y’d best top up your wine cooler….regardless….so you’ll be ready to whine as well.

It Was Sunday, November 15th…
….at 2:30 PM when I heard my first Xmas song for 2020….Bobby Helms doing ‘Jinglebell Rock’….on Zoomer Radio 740AM. Last year it was Feliz Navidad….by a blind Latin guy (Jose Feliciano according to my memory bank)….on CKPC ‘The Jewell’ Nov 12th. Then I heard it 229 more tymes until Santa came!! OK, OK, OK…..firstly, this has nothing to do with coronavirus! NOTHING!! And, I LOVE Christmas songs and carols….in fact a number of the latter really do a number on this olde guy’s emotions, which I tend to wear on my sleeve, especially in December. Therein lies my gripe…..December! THAT is when they should first be heard/allowed….NOT the day after Remembrance Day! Are you kidding me???!!! In fact, rather than a December 1st start-up, how about the 7th? That would work, eh? Anyway, I decided to ‘boycott’ CKPC in November 2019 and have stuck to it, hence I’m gonna have to decide about Zoomer 740…perhaps I’ll call Moses Znaimer and see what his excuse/reason is…though he’s probably too busy with CARP these days! Or you can go with CAARP if you wish to. (*see below)

*MEMO* To Andrea Horwath….
….the Official Leader of the Official Opposition (NDP) at Queens Park. *Ms. Horwath….as to your incessant/non-stop/tunnel-visioned/tyme wasting DEMAND that Premier Doug Ford  immediately terminate the Ont Minister of Health, Christine Elliott (and maybe Long Term Care boss Merrilee Fullerton  whilst you’re at it), a couple of things need to happen! Firstly, you REALLY need to ‘put a sock in it’!! In your mouth that is! Nextly, forget about the ridiculous CARP (or CAARP) Anti-Elliott Petition, at the same tyme tell Moses to ‘cool it’….and back off on flogging CARP (or CAARP) Memberships as if he’s got shares in it! He….and of course the announcers (who work for him)….at Zoomer 740AM Radio have gone overboard, big tyme! And day after day after day, the criticism continues and mounts, indicating VERY strongly that Christine Elliott is ”in over her head”! As to Doug Ford….though about 9 of 10 Ontarians say ‘he’s done the best job (dealing with COVID) of all the Premiers’, you and Team Orange keep on cutting him down. Anyway, as to Minister Elliott ”being in over her head” I’m sure you’re correct!! Ditto for the Long Term Minister!….AND Premier Ford!!! In fact, ALL of Canada’s MPP’s….as well as MP’s and our Prime Minister…..THEY/WE are ALL ”in over our head”!! And, with/because of your sorry-ass behaviour over the past few weeks, I’d bet my diddy-bag that you and Moses are at the DEEP END of the pool!!! So….SO….rather than being part of the problem, perhaps YOU and Team Orange could/should roll up your sleeves and help us all get back on dry land and through this mess!

*Thought Of The Day…You come from dust, you will return to dust. That’s why I don’t dust, it might be someone I know.

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