NOV 8 – Ford, fones, and tying a student to her desk

The year’s winding down but Rotzy’s just winding up with opinions about Doug Ford and school discipline. Tying students to a desk? The new norm in classroom discipline? Pretty sad state of affairs in the field of education and it isn’t a criticism of the teacher but of the lack of education on the homefront.

2021 Gardens Pulled Off
       Yours truly got the balance of stuff hat was still growing in our plot of the Commune Garden down front dug/pulled/removed last mid-week….which meant some of our neighbours had a feed of carrots and/or beets, along with some leeks….the Horn of Plenty was pretty full, and it’s funn to share some fresh veggies. That little plot has offered up a nice ‘bounty’ for three years now….but I can’t say the same thing for my 10×10 ‘Garden of Hope’ over at Hope C/R Church. Call it what I may….keeping in mind that it IS a CHURCH that supplies the land, tap water, hose, watering cans and cetera….and my garden was a disappointment/disaster/total waste of tyme. A ‘bounty’? Coulda/shoulda/woulda been….but NO on all counts. ‘Next year’? you ask? Nope. At least not anywhere near plot #58. Lesson(s) learned, got burned, even spurned….but I’m not as dumb as I look, so if it’s gonna happen it’ll be ME….without any ‘help’ from anyone….thanks anyway.

I’m Still Chortling….
       at the item Miz. Jo and I heard on the Kitchener 6:00PM CTV News last Wed or Thurs. An elementary school teacher from the area (Guelph seems to ring a bell) is ‘up to her ass in alligators in the swamp’….that’s just a figure of speech….because she (yes, they said SHE) taped a student (8 or 9 yrs old) to the student’s desk. I guess I must say ‘allegedly’ at this point. For behaving poorly….very ‘poorly’ apparently….but also ‘allegedly’. So I found/find it so funny methinks ’cause there was more than one taping. Next we hear from one (or both?) of the terribly distraught mothers (no ‘allegedly’ on their part!) going on about how their sweet/dear/precious little one always gets/deserves an A+ in Classroom Politeness/Manners….and why/how in the heck is her little ‘princess’ DUCT TAPED to her desk???!!! Has the teacher completely lost her mind ??!! Well….she will pay for this. The teacher, that is. So will the Principal…..’I’ve already had a go ’round with Him’! sayeth Mommie Dearest. Without even once thinking that just perhaps little Precious has the vocabulary of a Drill Sgt….that she’s called Garbage Mouth by the older kids. And/or she’s prone to come-out-swinging when she doesn’t get her way. Hey. this s–t isn’t new….teachers as ‘THE disciplinarians’….because at home there is little to none. Hence, in THIS case, we have a teacher who has either ‘completely lost it’ on the job and crossed a line that shouldn’t have been crossed….OR….she should’ve taped the kid to her desk long before she did. Anyway….I’m taking bets on this one!!… stay tuned. By the bye, if Miz. Jo’s Dad, the late Sidney B. Rutherford, was still teaching in this day and age, he’d need one of Eddie Greenspan’s top ‘suits’ kept handy….maybe Eddie himself….seeing as S.B. was always from the ‘spare the rod and spoil the child’ school of thinking.

Telephone Salesmen/Women
       This segment of people is really the heck of me….and Miz. Jo. Especially Miz. Jo. Seeing as she answers our fone 96.5% of the tyme….likely 97%. And….if you’re not aware….they’re always….I mean ALWAYS!….offering a Duct Cleaning Service, or a Credit Card promo. Right? And it’s the same s–t. Always. We’re usually in the bathroom, or going there, or coming from there. Or working on/eating lunch or supper. If we DO make it to the fone on tyme, we pick it up and say ‘hello’….then there’s nothing on the other end….then there is. Or not. Now, Rotzy tries to be patient….because as I tell myself “Hey Toad, at least they’re WORKING, and not on the dole, eh?” Which is true….but they’re doing it all wrong. Miz. Jo is handling it best she can, with her standard response and yours truly has found that ‘coughs’ are pretty effective, especially ‘far coughs’….until a week or so ago when some olde lady (probably about my age) fired off a ‘far cough’ at yours truly! directly followed by a second one!! Back to back ‘far coughs’….leaving me somewhat deflated….and then she hung up on me!! B–ch!! But I DID have some funn with one of them about a month back. A fellow who was obviously from some distant land and not great with the Queen’s English. I tried to sound VERY interested, told him I live in a HUGE mansion with 150 rooms….that’s approx. how many units there are here at #555 Harris Place, and THAT is a LOT of DUCTS! He got REALLY excited at the thought of some ridiculously large commission cheque….like, I’m sure he was singing ”we’re in the money” in some undistinguishable foreign language. Of course, he eventually realized I was ‘rattling his chain’, so his immediate ‘far cough’ response made him sound like he was born and raised in The Telephone City.  Another thing….we’re even getting some of ‘those’ calls on our cell fones!….and Miz. Jo tells me that was/is NOT supposed to happen. Whatever. With Mr, Ford (*see below) bumping the Minimum Wage to $15 even on Jan 1st, I’m sure you fone sales people can find another/better line of work….like actually CLEANING the ducts!!

Let Somebody Else Do It….
       is clearly the stance….’STANCE’?!….taken by our Premier as to making vaccine shots mandatory for health care workers/care givers and cetera….clearly a ‘no balls’ decision with Ford leaving it up to individual hospitals to decide ‘yay’ or ‘nay’. Like an afterthought to his ‘Ontarians have rights’ (re masques and needles) bulls–t a couple months back. Seems most hosp CEO’s are saying/have already said ‘yay’….proving somebody’s got more ‘cajones’ than Doug has. Alas….everybody and their brother/sister has got it on for the Preem nowadays….doctors, nurses, unions and cetera! It’s like somebody stuck a ‘Kick Me’ sign on his back…right over top of his BLUE suit’. Andrea Horwath is gunning for big Doug with a renewed vigour….going right for the throat….and the worst part of this saga/debacle?….for Rotzy? THIS tyme she’s RIGHT!! Whoa! That’s almost as hard a pill to swallow for yours truly as Ford’s ‘no balls screw-up’. Almost.

In The Hall/On The Floor/At The Door….
       is where our mail from Skyline Living lands….pamphlets, flyers, newspapers only make it as far as the Mailbox Lobby on the Ground Floor….and yesterday aft we got a letter telling/warning of another Bi-Annual Inspection Monday Nov 8th, between 9:00 and 5:00….smoke detectors and a quick walk around/through. Like the monthly fire alarm checks, a small ‘pain in the butt’….however it’s for own safety, hence no big deal. Well, folded up and lying right beside the Skyline communique was another note….also 8×11 paper, lettering printed by hand, perhaps using a Sharpie*tm pen urging Miz. Jo and yours truly to see a ”YouTube video with Rocco Galati talking about Ontario Rights concerning vaccine and masks”. Yes indeed….I’ll get right to it, Rocco. Gracia. *Mon AM Update….did a very quick Google*tm peek. Rocco is a lawyer…..and lawyers are going to cash in on this ‘Rights thingy’…big tyme! By the bye, he was born in Calabria, Italy, leaving Rotzy wondering if Rocco has any Cosa Nostra ties….and one “F/N” reader is betting Rocco ‘knows Tony Soprano’. Quite well in fact.

*Thought Of The Day….My parents spanked me as a child. As a result, I now suffer from a condition known as ‘respect for others’. This condition is VERY rare these days, most often is ‘terminal’….and sadly/obviously has all but disappeared.

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