Oct 11 – We’re surrounded by turkeys, everywhere!

Turkeys are renowned for being with low IQ’s. But Rotzy thinks they might be outdone by a lot of turkeys in Ottawa, Hamilton, Kitchener-Waterloo and other turkey growing regions.

Infringing On Rights?
    This next piece came from a reader, it caught my eye/attention, so I’m passing it on to you….word for word. *How about this, eh? Prof Deoanandan was asked by a student journalist what he would say to the 20% of polled University of Ottawa students who complain that the campus vaccine requirements are an ”infringement on their rights of free movement”. His response was: We already infringe on your movements. You can’t cross a border without a passport. You can’t drive a car without a licence. You can’t ride the bus without a pass. You can’t cross the bloody street unless the light is green. You can’t enter the nightclub unless your ID says you’re over 18. You can’t enter private property….and the university is private property…unless the owners give you permission. Moreover, you can’t inject heroin into your veins because that’s against the public good. You can’t drive your car as fast as you want because that’s against the public good. You can’t defecate on the sidewalk because that’s against the public good.  And you can’t come to campus without being vaccinated because that’s against the public good. A free society is not an anarchic society. So wake up you junkies, if you don’t want to be vaccinated, you have the freedom not to come to campus.* (Well said, Professor! altho yours truly might have gone with ‘flunkies’ in place of ‘junkies’ in the last sentence….but no matter how you address them, they’re not hearing you. Why? Because they know. Everything. All that knowledge is packaged up in 19 or 20-yr old brain (*see below). And it’s not only good olde Ottawa U ruled by an ‘an archaic system’ that DO require vaccinations, so last weekend student riots took place at McMaster, Wilfred Laurier, Waterloo U….and maybe Guelph? Whoever has ‘Homecoming Weekend’ it seems….it’s chug-a-lug a few Corona’s*tm….lime please….and let’s go out on the street, set some fires, and tip some cars over, people and all. Meanwhile, the Deans of these bastions of Excellence in Education are looking for places to hide, wondering WTF??!! Hey gentlemen/women, do not despair, latest figures show that all but about 5% of Ontarians have been FULLY VACCINATED!….do you hear me???? that’s 95% of us!! Sadly, the 5% are the ones on your front lawn, smearing the good name of your schools. ‘Tomorrow’s leaders’ they’re referred to by many…but in truth, they’re ‘children’ (*see above)….and poorly behaved children at that. Hey kids, go on home to mummy and daddy and have them sign you up for a school that is not so archaic as to require students be vaccinated! And good luck.

Too Much On My Plate….
….last Friday, including two buckboard, runs and including two plates of Chinese Phood for ‘Order In/Takeout Friday’, so Rotzy missed Friday’s BGG Meeting. S–t. Oh sure, I could have rolled into the K of C Hall ‘fashionably late’ at 3:30 or quarter to four, but seeing as, to my knowledge, I’m the ‘senior’ member on the roster, methinks it would set a rather poor example….you know, for the younger members. Nonetheless and notwithstanding, it was a bad week to miss with a very promising/thought-provoking agenda lined up. ”Alas, Toad” I said (to myself), “I’ll make everything right next week by getting the first round”. And all is not lost for this week as Miz. Jo had suggested….and I accepted….’let’s go to the Dunsdon Legion Saturday afternoon (today) for a drink’. And yes, in full compliance with the laws, we both have our Vaccine Passports….from Staples*tm via our Health Cards, tho the print is SO damned small I can’t read nary a word. Never mind, we’re legal and good to go….and we’ll surely be showing off our Nakina Wm. Grant Branch #116 RCL Membership Cards. Not sure, but methinks we have our 20-year pins. Should be a funn tyme. (*see below)

Thanksgiving And Stuff(ing)
    Well, Dr. Theresa Tam and her provincial co-horts have made their ‘recommendations’ for Thanksgiving gatherings….no point of me listing them here as you won’t read this until after Turkey/Ham Day….and you just know we’ll all be looking at a definite spike in daily counts (over 5-600 in Ont alone) 2 weeks after the fact. And considerably worse than that if the anti-vaccine-ers really cut loose….which they no doubt will. I’m thinking yesterday or the day before, so what DO we have to be thankful for THIS year? Well, very obviously it’s that the number of ‘non-vaccine-ers’ is ONLY in the 5% range, which, by the bye, includes that sorry-ass bunch of wannabe university students who are being ‘infringed upon’ like there’s no tomorrow. Interesting that such a small percentage of the populous gets so much airtyme on the CTV Kitchener station. Hey, ’nuff said about the kids. Miz. Jo and Rotzy will be going ‘traditional’ on Sunday….hey! that’s tomorrow! And Jo Ann will tear up the Dempsters 100% Whole Wheat bread for my favourite stuffing; a Heinz Tomato Juice toast for starters; Swift Butterball*tm Turkey; gravy; cranberries; potatoes; turnip; brussels sprouts; and dinner rolls! Mmmm! Monday the leftovers ‘will become’ Turkey Pot Pie with Miz. Jo covering it with layers of phyllo pastry. Mmmm again! Jeez…..I’m starting to drool. Anyway, we hope you have/had a Happy Thanksgiving….and a COVID-safe one as well!

No Funn At  All (*see above)
    The Dunsdon Legion website said Open from 3:00 to 11:00PM, but they weren’t. Open. And there was a wedding going on….not a reception but two people getting married just inside the rear doors the wheelchair ramp led up to. This was pointed out to us by a somewhat dishevelled-looking fellow whom we took to be part of the proceedings, altho he was in no rush to enter and more into helping us find the bar. Miz. Jo wondered if he was a reluctant groom? We eventually went to the front door to learn they were indeed closed….so we said ”thanks, we’ll try again another day”. 

The  Jury’s Still Out….
    On whether Junior Trudeau gets the “F/N” Jerk Of The Month or Jerk Of The Year for his snub of the BC Indian Chiefs invitation for the FIRST Celebration of September 30th, and his follow-up reply of ‘I made a mistake’ and ‘I’m sorry’. The thing is, when someone apologizes as often he does….and from the heart/with or without crocodile tears….people tend to tune him out. But hold on just a second…J/T’s not alone in “F/N”JOTY voting….no, no, no, no….Jason Kenney, Alberta Premier (last tyme we checked) has doled out hollow ‘sorry’s’ by the bunch since he lowered his province into a COVID-19 sink-hole by dismissing most of the rules and regulations that were in place for public safety. They are in a mess! And 70% of Alberta’s ICU patients are UN-vaccinated! But….Jason is ‘sorry’. Hello?

*Thought Of The Day…Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, all the king’s horses and all the king’s men had an omelette.

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