October message from Tony Harold

October, a month of much change…leaves, city councillors, mayors, premiers. A very dynamic month.

October is now upon us and many of us are looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with our families and friends.  Of course, with October, comes cooler weather, leaf raking and less daylight, as we enter the final quarter of the year. 

Although it seems that we are just over June’s provincial election, it is important to note that our municipal election is only 21 days away, held on October 22nd.

Municipal level government affects us all much more in our daily lives than any other level of government.  Each day, from the moment we rise until the moment we retire, we consume electricity (here in Pickering, electricity is managed by Veridian, of which our City is a shareholder), water (water is supplied and managed by the Region of Durham), drive on municipal roads and/or take local transit and use parks and recreation facilities (owned and managed by the City).  All emergency services are also provided municipally, by either the Region (Police and Ambulance) or the City (Fire Services) governments.  In the winter time, snow clearing is handled locally by either the City or the Regional government.   

One of the most important rights we have as Canadians is our right to vote.  Exercising your right to vote in any election is an important hallmark of a democratic society. With local municipal government affecting us to such a large extent, it is important that every eligible resident cast their vote in this month’s election.

In Pickering, the voting for this year’s election is being conducted via the internet or telephone, making it easier and more convenient for our residents.  For those residents who do not have internet or telephone access, there are several polling stations where assistance is available to cast your ballot.  Check the City of Pickering website (Pickering.ca) for further information. If you have any questions on the voting process, please contact the City of Pickering’s Customer Care office.

Tony Harold
City Councillor, Ward 1
City of Pickering

Email: votetonyharold@gmail.com

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