RAVES & RANTS: Patrick Brown, finally we here from you

Well, finally, we heard from Patrick Brown. Not much but we did get a reply. The gist of the reply said that his schedule is ‘quite full’ and asked how the office staff respondent could help.

I wrote back with another invitation to meet with our Discussion group at the Better Living Centre. I am not optimistic

BROWNAfter too many attempts to contact Brown in every expected way, I am resorting to another direction…the media beyond just this website.

Flameless dragon
Either this man is a boorish clod lacking professional etiquette and manners or I am jinxed with the methods I am using. I have even tried phoning his office in Midland and was promised I would get a reply the next business morning by the office staff person, Erin. The reply? None. I am no longer surprised.

Now I have started my more public attempts at reaching this man, first through Kristin Rushowy, the Toronto Star’s Queen’s Park reporter. If I hear nothing from her, I will resort to the Toronto Sun. Then, perhaps the other publications.

Kristin Rushowy  replied. She said she would keep my email and story on file. OK !

Here is my eletter to Kristin Rushowy. I hope she is as professional as the other Toronto Star journalists with whom I have dealt, namely Rosie DiManno, Heather Mallick and Tony Burman. Ok, so I’m not Conrad Black, or John Tory or Donald Trump even. But am someone who deserves a reply when I have addressed you.

I wrote the following to Kristin Rushowy:

Hello Ms. Rushowy,
You cover the Queen’s Park beat. Well, here’s a story for you. I will try to keep it to the point, succinct and short.
I’m a senior who moderates weekly discussions with a large group of seniors at the Toronto Better Living Centre. In our discussions comparing the party leaders in Ontario, Patrick Brown came up as a non-entity. No one really knew anything about him.
So, I invited him to come and meet with our Toronto discussion group about 2 months ago. I sent the invitation by email, got no response. Re-sent by email after confirming I had the correct email address, no response. I phoned Queen’s Park and left a message on the caucus phone. You guessed it, no response. So after trying repeatedly using those methods, I figured I would try phoning his office in Midland or Orillia. I spoke with Erin in the Midland office. She promised to follow it up and get back to me the next business day morning. Yup, you guessed it right again…nada. 
Well, I am more than frustrated. I am upset. Upset that I am being ignored or overlooked. I am a senior but I am not a non-entity. I may be being considered as a nobody, hence not worth worrying about. Professional decorum and proper etiquette would mean a reply of some sort is in order. I have received nothing.
I am really upset at being ignored this way and I am turning to the media to publicize this. I have already posted this on my website [www.szpin.ca] as I will this letter to you. I am fed up with so called professionals acting in what I would label the “TRUMP” way. It is very regrettable and perhaps says something about younger people, the younger generation, or our society in general. 
I am very disappointed and find this all to be discouraging.
Richard Szpin
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Rushowy replied:

Thanks for your email. Will keep this on file for future stories.


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