(PART 1 of 6) Phone SPOOFING, phone scams

What is Phone Spoofing?

Phone spoofing is when a scammer makes another person’s or company’s phone number appear on the receiver’s caller ID in an attempt to impersonate that individual or organization. The end goal is to gain access to your personal information and/or get you to pay for a fake service.

How can I protect myself from phone spoofers?

As a consumer, you have rights and options.

  1. If a number repeatedly calls and doesn’t leave a message, block it.

  2. If you do pick up and it seems like a bogus call, hang up immediately. However, you may find yourself on the other end of a questionable conversation. In this case, place the caller on hold and call their incoming number. If someone picks up on the other end from the company, ask whether or not the person on hold is calling on their behalf. The key is not to share any personal information.

  3. Finally, educate yourself and others in your community. Help others in your life understand what phone spoofing is and how to protect themselves. You wouldn’t use a third party to call if you were stuck in Nigeria and needed a loan! Learn about and discuss scams you’ve received and how you handled with friends, so they are aware of the scenario and the appropriate actions to take. We’ve also provided resources to help you navigate keeping yourself safe.


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