City of PICKERING begins live streaming of its activities

Kudos to The City of Pickering for beginning live streaming of council meetings, a valuable service to its citizens during these pandemic times. The city offers a very comprehensive to its citizens at though the website may overwhelm some site visitors.

The City of Pickering is doing a commendable job at keeping its citizens informed about services, programs and city hall meetings. Mayor Ryan and all his council members should be congratulated on this updating and transparency in relation to Pickering City Hall.

Board Advisory committee
The Board Advisory committee 
met recently and the meeting has been streamed for the convenience of city residents:  BAC Stream 
[ speaker visibility varies; is visible when the person is speaking and has their camera on ]

Attending councillors
Attending and visible:

Mayor Dave Ryan RCW1 Kevin Ashe  RCW 2 Bill McLean
 RCW3 Dave Pickles CCW1 Maurice Brenner CCW2 Ian Cumming
CCW3 Shaheen Butt     
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