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Dear COOKz, BOOKz & NOOKz site visitor,

Please help us update our mailing list

When I started publishing this website many years ago, there were no laws/regulations about spam, emailing and Internet confidentiality. I created my subscriber list via personal email communications.

Since that time, laws have been implemented throughout the world, Canada included regulating and restricting email use. In short, I need to update and validate my subscriber list.

I do not want to violate any laws with my publication and newsletter email campaign. Hence, to continue receiving our newsletters and email updates, I ask for your permission to be place you on my new subscriber list.

Use of email addresses
Your email address is private and confidential information. I respect that completely. Hence the need for this message.

Subscribers will receive my monthly newsletters and occasional special notifications. The addresses will be stored in an encrypted file locally, never to be shared with anyone. Your information is strictly confidential and I promise to treat it accordingly. Please note my site to date is totally non-monetized. I incur all expenses personally. The site does not sell or promote anything for any personal gain. The sole purpose of the site is to help people.

Subscribers vs. non-subscribers
The purpose of my website has been to assist adults 55+ in a variety of ways including health advice, fraud advisory, help with technology and current events information. My site uses vetted sources for any advisory suggestions. The whole purpose of the site is to help people not intrude on their privacy. I will continue publishing but more importantly, I wish to ask for your help to put my ‘mailing list’ house in order. In that regard, I ask you to please respond to this message to confirm that I can record you as a subscriber permitting me to retain your email address.

As of this writing, I will be compiling a list of those who specifically select to become subscribers. No one else will be on the list. Non-subscribers will not appear on the list. Should anyone wish to unsubscribe in future, I will remove them from the list immediately upon request.

Publishing this site has been a very gratifying experience, particularly when visitors write feedback confirming that they benefitted from our work. I intend to continue publishing but wish to do so in full compliance with Canadian laws and regulations.

Help action
My help request is very simple but very important.

I wish I could express it better to convey my sincere and wholehearted appreciation for all the past support you have given me and the group of writers who have written for our website.

Thank you very much.

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Stay safe and stay healthy.




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