PRIDE MONTH: some thoughts


I am bothered by all this PRIDE thumping and I ask myself why.

Everyone has a right to life and living as it suits them, as long as it doesn’t impact negatively on others. I have no problem being supportive of gays or the members of the PRIDE community living as they wish to live.

I am heterosexual, straight, as some say, which bothers me in its implication that PRIDE members may be bent, or crooked.

But as I am not gay, I find it difficult to understand the attraction some people have for members of their same sex. I cannot understand it at all as males do not attract me in the least. I find members of the opposite sex attractive and appealing and if they are what I would label as good-looking, their appeal is even greater.

Men, on the other hand, no matter how good-looking they may be, do not attract me. Like a painting, I can apply the label of “good-looking” to some men, but they do not appeal to me in any affectionate or sexual way. They may be slim, muscular, in good shape, or have nice features, who cares? Not me.

I have become increasingly cognizant of the other side of sexuality but I still find it difficult how persons can be attracted to their own sex. I can not find an explanation or logic to this in my mind. 

However, I have come to an acceptance of this: they are human beings and have a right to their lives too. I may not accept their way of thinking, their way of life but I cannot negate their right to live life as it suits them. This doesn’t mean I agree with their way of thinking. It means they have a right to their lives too, as I do mine. 

June is Pride Month:
Let them celebrate with happiness and joy !

Toronto Pride festivities:

June 24
June 25

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