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11.   My passport stamps confirm my dates of absence from Canada

But with this exec committee, truth doesn’t hold water, so no matter what I say, it will be slanted.


10.  Again, just read what is implied…

Here is what was said in my membership revocation letter..

You were invited to attend a special Executive Committee meeting to review your recent conduct towards members of the Executive. The choice of 8 different dates, between Sept 21st and Oct 2nd was given. You claimed to be unavailable for all of those dates…”


I hear there’s a VACANCY on the exec committee


This is typical of how the exec committee talks about me. I said I was unavailable for a meeting. Again, I spoke the truth. I left on Sept 22…the meeting to eject me from the exec committee was held on the 24th. How coincidental !

 9.   Next assault…membership revocation…wow

Click HERE to view the membership revocation letter…it’s worth reading

I find it absolutely incredible how people can let hate and anger percolate in themselves so. There’s not much one can add here and there’s little they can do more to the damage they have already done. But watch out, they are a creative vindictive bunch…so expect more to come.

8.   Just so you know the players

Some members of PPC have expressed that they do not even know the members of the executive. Well, don’t expect the newsletter editor to keep you informed. Too many “required travel excursions” managed by another executive. So it is very unlikely you well get any real information from the newsletter.

But as a service to all members…let’s assist you with photos of the players (the gallery will be supplemented and modified as time permits…but such info will never appear in the newsletter.)


Past president Chuck Simmons


Exec Membership Fran Sancroft


Exec membership Joe Sancroft


Newsletter M L Simmons


Speakers Sue Porter


Social Shirlie Van Putten


Treasurer J. Teevan


Sec. Maureen Marquardt


House Ulf Neidhardt


past pres. Frank Green


President M. Hancock



7.    Personal vendetta

Let me tell you a story. There was this lower level executive who wrote a newspaper editor about the errors, misdirections and misleading posts to the publication. The editor claimed full authority to whatever they felt like writing. There was no possibility of changing the editor’s mind. The executive approached the mayor asking for assistance with the mispublication. The mayor was a close partner of the editor. Not only was nothing corrected in the newspaper, but the the mayor had the lower level executive run out of town. Such is life when unethical bullies run city hall !


6.     Using EXECUTIVE for personal gain

Sad how past president Simmons used the Probus Executive for his own personal vendetta against Richard Szpin. He called a meeting on a date which was impossible for me to attend. Did he do so on purpose? Absolutely as he had a personal vendetta which he was going to fulfill.

5.  Calling the police


Our executives stoop so low as to phone the police. Perhaps they would have been more pleased if I were taken away in handcuffs. Or better still, tar and feathered at the front of the Pickering Rec Centre. Can you imagine!

4. Presidential words?

President Simmons labels my actions as “…asinine…and example(s) of B.S.”

There’s not much one can say in response to that.


3. Role of a president?

I was just wondering about the role of a president?

In my opinion, a president is a leader, leading towards loftier heights of integrity, morality and professionalism. I view a president as a model, modeling virtues for others to emulate. I think of the president as a conciliator, a mediator, one who tries to meld a group into a team working toward the benefit of the greater good of the entire membership.

I need help badly in understanding what the role of a president should be. I have learned from my educational background that the position is one of being a model and being a captain, demonstrating principles for others to imitate, navigating the ship of state through calm and turbulent waters.

Based on my contact with the presidents with whom I have recently been involved, I think my idea of presidency needs drastic revision and review.

I am very open to hearing from our illustrious PROBUS protagonists. It would be an eye opener, I am certain.

2. The SZPIN Expulsion meeting ATTENDEES

I was excluded from this meeting. So I never heard what the complainants said about me, nor was I able to respond.

As pp Simmons scheduled the meeting, the attendees were likely persuaded or ‘coerced’ into voting his way.

The attendees were:

Chuck Simmons
Melanie Hancock
Frank Green
Sue Porter
Fran Sancroft
Joe Sancroft
Mary Lou Simmons
Maureen Marquardt


1. Refuse to be bullied


I am the victim of bullying.

I have tried explaining that as a PROBUS executive, I was bad mouthed at an executive meeting to which I was EXCLUDED. Past president Simmons orchestrated this folly and I will continue to defend myself against the false accusation he makes in his letter of my dismissal.

Again, I feel badly at how this affects many club members, but I ask each, “What would you do when you are being falsely attacked? Your name is being besmirched by deceit and falsehoods?” Convince me it is wrong to defend oneself when bullied this way.

However, in consideration of members who are bothered by this public conflict and controversy which I have started, I will post my comments and opinions relating to this heinous wrong authored by Simmons and to which the executive committee members have been persuaded to join to a more private viewing.

I challenge Simmons and/or any one of the committee members to publicly EXPLAIN one wrong I did as Activities Coordinator.


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